A New Year – A Whole lot of New Stories!

As we say goodbye to 2018 and get ready to step into 2019, I’m excited at what’s to come!

In 2018, I wrote six new books and did re-writes on three more. I ended up publishing nine books this year.

In January 2019, I have two books publishing: Love Inked, Book 3 of The Twisted Love Series and Rescued, Book 4 of the Heal Me Series. I also have the fourth Heart of the Family book, Carnations and Hot Toddy Kisses coming out in February!

This is the Preliminary publishing schedule for 2019:

Love Inked, Book 3 (Jan 3rd)
Rescued, Book 4 (Jan 16th)
Carnations & Hot Toddy Kisses, Book 4 (Mid Feb)
Whispered Fantasies, Book 2 (March)
Unnamed Heal Me, Book 5 (April/May)
Love Drowned, Book 4 (July)
Unnamed Heart of the Family Series, Book 5 (August)
Masked Fantasies, Book 3 (Sept)
Mixing the Blue Blood, Book 3 (Oct)

And these are quite possible:
Love Carved, Book 5 (Dec)
Tormented Fantasies, Book 4 (Nov)
Unnamed Heart of the Family book 6 (Dec)

Get ready for an intense and loving 2019!!