August Daily Giveaway – Day #17 – Maggie James

August Daily Giveaway Day #17 Formally Introduces
Maggie James
Love Bleeds

 Giveaway a Signed Paperback
(Winner much be a resident of US)
Adult Paranormal Romance – Fiction
Description of book:  

 There?s no such thing as vampires?
Straight-laced Katarina Ren?t is well educated, logical and doesn?t believe vampires truly exist. But when a well deserved holiday in Europe turns into a torrid game of cat and mouse with a handsome stranger and her best friend is exhibiting signs of being allergic to daylight-Kat doesn?t think her life can get any stranger.
Every man has a weakness?Even an immortal?
Joseph Markus is an arrogant, wealthy entrepreneur who spends his free time as the raspy lead singer for the rock band ?Slang? and seducing beautiful women. After decades of mourning the tragic death of the only woman he ever loved, vying to save his best friend from an unrelenting death wish- now he is accused of being a murderer.
An undeniable twist of fate?
Kat learns her Prince Charming is actually the ?Prince of Darkness? and though she can?t resist falling for this sultry vampire, she still lives in denial. But when the lines are drawn, and Kat finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly plot for revenge she has only one choice–trust the seductive vampire who has captured her heart.
Despite his own arrogance, Joe finds himself inexplicably drawn to Kat. Her stubborn will to resist his seductive charms coupled with her endearing naivet? prove to be more than he bargained for and Joe soon realizes he is in way over his head.
But will love be enough to save their immortal souls from the grips of a twisted obsession?

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About the Author:

Born and raised in Central New Jersey, Maggie James prides herself on being a wildly romantic “Jersey Girl” with a passion for vampires, rock music and romance novels. She successfully combined these 3 elements in “LOVE BLEEDS” her sexy new tantalizing paranormal romance, the first installment in the Only After Dark series.
Maggie writes what she loves to read-Sizzling romantic novels containing the dark, mysterious and handsome alpha male and the strong willed, die-hard romantic souled heroine who, despite her better judgement, can’t resist him. Their worlds collide and you can’t help yourself from being swept away into their irresistible world of passion and chivalry; heartbreak and reconciliation.

Guest Blog by Maggie

Greetings mortals, Joseph Markus here. At the request of our lovely blog hostess Stacy and the talented Ms. Maggie James, I am here today to provide you with a provocative, informative and entertaining Guest Post.
I would like to begin by addressing how I have been judged by those of you who have already read and enjoyed Love Bleeds. Most of you seem to view me as an egotistical, arrogant, self-centered prick with an insatiable sexual appetite as well as thirst for blood.  I have also been depicted as cold-hearted, insensitive and self-absorbed?.Ouch!
But then again, most of you have proudly stated that you wouldn?t ?kick me out your bed? either and that ?a sexy leather clad rockstar? such of myself was?oh, what was the word used, again?…oh yes, ?Yummy!?
So?this leads me to believe that although you may see me as the type of man you would normally despise, most of you find me irresistable and desirous, all at the same time.  How clich?!
I will admit that I have used women for my own selfish sexual gratification but also for food.  I not only craved their warm, sweet blood but needed it in order to insure my survival. And the sex?well, I may be immortal but, I am also a man.  And a man possesses needs.  Needs which, in my case, are quite insatiable.  I will also admit, at the risk of sounding conceited, that I am quite talented in the art of seduction and know my way around the female form quite well.  I have been told on numerous occasions that I am quite a skilled lover and always leave my partner more than satisfied. (As I?m sure my beloved Katarina would confirm.)
I am also the lead vocalist for ?Slang?; a successful rock?n?roll band along with Phillip, our lead guitarist; Sam, our drummer; Rick, our bassist and Julian, also on guitar and  keyboard.  I love performing on stage and giving my audience 200 percent of my talent and attention at every gig.  The only feeling I know more gratifying than performing before a packed house of screaming fans is?well, I?m sure you can guess.  
Without giving too much away, Ms. James has granted me permission to fill you in on a few details of the basic storyline.  I will try to keep this short and sweet since unfortunately it is nearly dawn and I regretably must leave you shortly.  
Love Bleeds is an intriquing tale of love, seduction, forbidden passion, revenge and reconciliation?not necessarily in that order, but you get the general idea.  Katarina and her best friend Nina are vacationing in Europe when they unexpectedly meet a pair of dangerously handsome rock star vamps?enter; myself and Phillip.  Nina, being the flighty, adventurous creature she is, finds herself immediately attracted to my handsome bandmate and the two soon find themselves undeniably draw to one another and avidly pursue their attraction.  Much to the pleasure of yours truly as well, considering Nina is perhaps the only hope poor Phillip has in enabling himself to relenquish his self loathing attitude and unrelenting death wish. 
When Katarina and I first meet, however, the sparks fly in a different direction entirely.  Though she might be reluctant to admit it, I recognized her immediate attraction to me and knew for certain she would come to terms with her unexpected emotions, eventually.  Although it is not easy to supress my yearning for her, I do my best to have patience and it does pay off in the long run.  Beneath her logical, organized and analytical exterior beats the heart of a sultry temptress; trust me on this!
While we all do our best to come to terms with our new found feelings and unique relationships, my past and all its sorted enemies come back to haunt me.  Thus threatening to destroy all I hold dear.  As if being accused of being a blood thirsty murderous criminal is not bad enough, a decade long secret betrayal is revealed to add more mayhem to my already screwed up reality.
But not to worry my mortal friends, as is always the case in a well written romance novel, love conquers all and good overthrows evil; thus bestowing a happy ending upon all involved.  The journey to such bliss is a rocky and at times violent one, but one that will most definitely keep the reader on the edge of their seat. 
In closing, I feel it necessary to remind you that nothing is usually as it seems and no one, whether living or undead, is who they at first appear to be.  Myself included. 
So?if you are a fan of the paranormal, I highly recommend you read Love Bleeds by Maggie James and keep your eyes out for Book Two in her ?Only After Dark? series.  I am told there will be plenty more mayhem and sex, blood & rock?n?roll to go around-and I for one can hardly wait!
Many thanks to the lovely Ms. Stacy for having me?I bid you all a fond farewell.

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