August Daily Giveaway – Day #7 – Kenneth Weene

August Daily Giveaway Day #7 Formally Introduces
Kenneth Weene
Memoirs From the Asylum


 Signed Paperback 
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Literary Fiction for Adults that may not be appropriate for younger readers.
Description of book:  

A tragi-comedic look within the walls of the asylum, in this case a state hospital. But in a larger sense it is about the fears and forces that keep us all prisoners within the asylums of our own creation and the events that can at least for the moment set us free. 

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About the Author:

A New Englander by upbringing and inclination, Kenneth Weene is a teacher, psychologist, and pastoral counselor by education.
Ken?s short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous publications including Sol Spirits, Palo Verde Pages, Vox Poetica Clutching at Straws, Legendary, Sex and Murder Magazine, The New Flesh Magazine, The Santa Fe Literary Review, Daily Flashes of Erotica Quarterly, Bewildering Stories and A Word With You Press.
Ken?s novels, Widow?s Walk and Memoirs From the Asylum are published by All Things That Matter Press.
Guest Blog Kenneth Weene

As a mental health professional, I have always been keenly aware that living authentically is not easy. It is far simpler to live the lies that are expected by others or perhaps to hide from life altogether. No matter how desperately we try to run away from what is within us, it still finds  expression. Only when we own the hidden pain do we make it out of the box. Then we become  real to ourselves. Memoirs From the Asylum is a novel about the fears that keep people locked away from themselves and about the ultimate search for human freedom. 
As I wrote this novel the words of a song often found their way into my thoughts. It’s from the musical Stop The World, I Want to Get Off. 
“Send in the clowns; there’s got to be clowns. Don’t bother; we’re here.” 
In Memoirs I hope readers will see their own reflections in all our very human, clown makeup.


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