August Daily Giveaway Starts TOMORROW!!!!

I am amazed that it is already August.  
The older we get, the fast time flies!!!
Tomorrow is the start of our Daily Giveaway!    
So here is what you will get…

Each author will talk about the book they are giving away.  Some authors are giving away hardcover’s or paperbacks, some e-books.  Some of the books are very adult in material and state that you must be 18 to enter. Some just contain Adult material and have been labeled as such.

Authors will also give brief bios on themselves and some of them have included guest blogs for everyone to read. Many of the books being given away have video book trailers you can watch to see more about the book.

To win you will need to do a few things.  These things range from Tweeting about the book, to following blogs and becoming fans on Facebook pages.  Each book giveaway is different depending on what the author is involved in.


Participants will be required to do all that is requested under ?To Enter the Giveaway?
All winners will be drawn using
Winners will be announced on our Blog within 24 hours of the drawing ending.
Winners will also be tweeted by @StacySEaton
Winner will also be announced on our Facebook
Winner will receive an e-mail advising you that you won. You will have 24 hours to respond or your prize will be given to someone else.
Authors have the right to determine where they will ship paperback and hardcopies too.

We hope everyone has a wonderful time!!
I am excited to help each of you out!