Barbara’s Plea to Official Release on April 10th!

Stacy Eaton is about to release her 9th novel – Barbara’s Plea! The official Release date is April 10th!


This was a story that came out of no where and exploded into my mind. When I wrote the first draft, I actually wrote the entire thing in 5 days. I was possessed when it came to Grey and Barbara and couldn’t rest until I had told their story. The idea for this story actually came from seeing a man at my local deli. I actually wrote a blog post about that and you can read here how Grey Bloodstone was created.

Book Blurb:

Barbara lives in constant fear of her husband. She finally summons the courage to leave with their young daughter, Allie, but dreads the moment her husband learns of their escape. In his desire to control them and bend them to his will, he will leave no stone unturned to punish them–especially Barbara.

Grey?s future seems bleak, especially the day he is fired, but everything begins to turn around the moment he absently sinks down on a bench occupied by wealthy Gloria Withers. Gloria sees something in him that no one else bothers to notice and, within moments, a friendship is sparked that will withstand many trials.

When Barbara makes good her escape and arrives on the doorstep of her grandmother, Gloria, whom she hasn’t seen for years, Barbara is greeted instead by Grey. It doesn’t take long for a different kind of spark to fly as Barbara takes up residence in the Withers mansion.

When Grey falls inexorably in love with not only Barbara, but also her daughter Allie, he vows to do everything he can to protect them from her husband who is out for revenge.

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Barbara’s Plea is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon and will be available for Pre-Order on Kobo very soon. Nook customer can be sure that it will be listed there too very soon.


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