Blue Blood for Life has been Published!

Friday September 30th, 2011
Blue Blood for Life – book 2 in the series
was officially published!!!

Yesterday I woke up to the excitement of an e-mail from my publisher. My second book was officially published! I logged on to my author account and ordered my books to keep on hand for my friends and family and those who order copies of my book on my website!  
Then I check Amazon, but it wasn’t there yet. I knew that the kindle version takes a little while to show up, but I had to check. A couple hours later, I got the e-mail from the publisher stating that the Kindle version has been added.  Happy dance in my chair, and I checked and found that it was in the review and publishing process on Amazon, but still not available for download.  I remembered that my first book took about 24 hours to go live. Okay…I could wait!
Around noon – I did a search on Amazon – and low and behold… THERE IT WAS!!  So as I clicked the purchase button, I danced and laughed around my office as I watched it download to my kindle!  Yes, I acted very childish for a 42 year old woman, but I couldn’t help it!  Knowing that my second book was finally published made me more excited then my first book, almost! 
I remember my admin assistant from my police department called me but before she could get a word in edgewise, I pretty much told her, “I have to tell you something!” Then I proceeded to tell her about the book being out and available and I jumped up and down and talked a mile a minute.  I could hear her laughing on the phone. I know she said to me, “I have never heard you talk so fast.” I didn’t care – I was to excited!  

Currently, the Kindle edition is on Amazon and the paperback and hardcovers will soon be available there. Barnes and Noble will also carry the printed copies. You can also get a signed copy of Blue Blood for Life, or the first book, My Blood Runs Blue on my website. My Publisher does have both the paperback copy available now!