Blue Blood Series

The My Blood Runs Blue Series consists of 5 stories, 4 novels and 1 novella. This series is a mixture of paranormal and police procedural. It contains language, adult situations and sexual relations.

My Blood Runs Blue

When the family requests the assistance of the VMF Securities, Kristin is confused that they would think a security company could assist with the murder investigation.

When Julian and Alexander arrive she quickly finds herself being pulled into a love triangle that has been going on longer than she has been alive. Why do they look at her as if they know her? And why do they keep talking about Calista?

Join Kristin as she fights to learn the truth about the recent murder, the seductive, and blood-drinking men that have entered into her life, and the real truth about herself.

The Pulse of Blue Blood

The Pulse of Blue Blood is a short story that should be read AFTER My Blood Runs Blue. This story of 17K words is the back story to Kristin & Calista. Reading this story before reading My Blood Runs Blue will spoil many plot points.

In My Blood Runs Blue, you were introduced to Kristin, Julian, and Alexander, and you also learned a little about Calista. Now take a trip back in time to learn more about the decisions that Calista made in her choice between Julian and Alexander. Learn about her relationship with Julian, and why you choose Alexander at the end of My Blood Runs Blue. You’ll also learn the way she caused her untimely death.

Blue Blood for Life

“You belong to me for life.”

After a month off, Kristin comes back to work happier then she’s been in a long time. Her new status in life has her solving crimes faster and better than she ever could before.

When Alex goes missing, Kristin finds she finally has to reveal the secrets of her life to her friends. Will they be able to stand beside her after they learn all that she has hidden from them?

Julian and Gabe stand beside her faithfully as they try to locate Alex. They are surprised to find Trent already in Fawn Hollow, but know that Trent may be the only one to do what Alex has asked them to do. As one more choice is taken away from Kristin, she attempts to make the best of it but finds herself drawn to Trent in a way Julian and Alexander could never compare to.

Trent goes to work with Kristin to keep her safe but will he be able to handle all that her police world entails? Can he handle the side of her that she reveals, the one that Alex and Julian know nothing about? When Kristin and Trent uncover the connection between her job and the kidnapping, they are finally able to put the pieces together, but can they get to Alex fast enough? Will Kristin be able to handle rescuing Alex and all that she learns in the process?

Join Kristin, Julian, Trent, and Alexander as they dive into a new mystery that will have you turning the pages quickly to find out who is responsible and how Kristin’s life is forever changed once again.

Mixing the Blue Blood

Officer Kristin Greene returns along with the rest of the characters you have grown to love. Only this time, it’s not just her life on the line. Now the entire breed’s existence is in danger.

Olivia Newman has been Kristin’s best friend for years and loves the new life that Kristin is living. Her relationship with Gabriel is bittersweet, and she knows that because she is human, a future between them can never really last.

Gabriel Montgomery takes his position in the Vampire Military Force seriously and never expected to have such intense feelings for a human woman. When Olivia is kidnapped, Gabe, Kristin, and the gang realize they have stumbled upon a human trafficking ring. Only this ring isn’t for sex. The leaders of this ring are hell-bent on destroying the breed.

Can they rescue Olivia and save their future before old enemies return and destroy the breed? Find out in Mixing the Blue Blood.

Blue Bloods Final Destiny

Julian Hutchinson walked away from it all: his job, his friends, and her. As Julian drives out west, he randomly stops at a roadside tavern and runs into some people from his past.

Lyssa Lakin helps her father around the tavern as she raises her fifteen-year-old daughter, Lorna. When Julian walks into the bar, Lyssa’s past crush on him hits full force, but even she can tell that he is far from ready to be involved with anyone.

As Julian and Lyssa grow their friendship, their past romance is rekindled. When Julian’s past comes back to haunt him, and an old enemy shows up in town, Julian knows a showdown is imminent. Will Julian be able to deal with his past and his enemy without destroying the new life he has created?

The gang is back for one final book where lines are drawn and quickly crossed, and Julian and Kristin will have to work together one last time to save people that they care about.

The Return of Blue Blood Series

It’s been forty years since the gang was together in Blue Bloods Final Destiny, and many things have changed. Lives have been lost, mates are different, and the breed is on the verge of war. This war isn’t just between the two factions within the vampire race but now includes the humans who have learned of their existence.

Kristin: Blue Blood Returns

With the Mistress, Kristin, at the helm, the tension is growing, and the elders are pushing for a change. The U.S. government wants information on the breed, and Joseph Portage, Kristin’s newest enemy, is lurking in the shadows.

Hugh McMurphy heads a task force that is determined to get the vampire race under control and learn what they can do. When Kristin and Hugh find themselves pulled toward one another, the only option is to make Hugh her human consort.
It’s not until she tastes his blood that she realizes Hugh is more than originally thought, and with Portage’s men wreaking havoc on the town, she realizes that something drastic needs to happen.

Can Kristin and the new gang figure things out before a major transition occurs, or will Kristin and her sister get blindsided by the taste of blood?

Hugh: Blue Blood Compelled

Take a short trip back in time to find out how Hugh got involved with his special task force and then learn about the hidden society before he was summoned to meet with Joseph Portage and begin a new mission.

Kristin knows that there is more going on than meets the eye with Hugh. Now she not only has to deal with the issues of the breed, but also the secrets of her new and powerful mate. A warning from an old friend not taken seriously will put Kristin in a tailspin as the past and present converge in the flash of the strobes and the thump of the base.

With the rest of the VMF gang working to find Portage and protect Kristin, there are ups and downs for all of them, but Josh is hell-bent on figuring out what Hugh’s secret is.

Portage has his way in now, but that is only step one of his plan to control Kristin and take over the breed. While Zander continues to get frustrated with the dreams and his father, he finally decides to take off on his own and figure things out. It’s not until he arrives in Philadelphia that he will start to find answers—but they will change everything.

Zander: Blue Blood Reborn

Zander and Kristin come face to face, both being led back to the VMF house in Fawn Hallow by a friend, but is he an enemy in disguise?

Now in the hands of the enemy forces, Kristin and Zander might be together, but being captured by sadistic terrorists will not allow their reunion to go as planned.

With Angelina, Hugh, Cameron, Clayton, Rex, and the rest of the gang trying to locate them, they must work fast to free them before Portage makes his move to take over the breed. Make sure to join us for Zander: Blue Blood Reborn for the continuation of the saga.

Angelina: Blue Blood Desired

The sister who is always in the wings finally comes to center stage.

At the end of Zander, Angelina Michaels was given a choice by the breed’s mistress and her sister, to stay and be held prisoner for six months or leave the compound and survive independently. She left.

Now Angelina is determined to not only survive but to thrive in this new war-torn world. The nights are darker than ever, and the humans hunt the vampires openly, killing and torturing them in public. It has taken a lot out of Angelina to survive for the long four months in the shadows, but now after meeting a man called Gideon, things could be looking up.

It’s Angelina’s turn to find herself in the spotlight and maybe claim just a little bit of the prestige that her sister always had thrown at her feet. Will Angelina find a mate to rule beside her in the underground, or will she wait for the compound’s doors to open and get Hugh back?

Reckoning: Blue Blood Finale

The compound doors weren’t supposed to open for one year, but Kristin could no longer stand back and watch her breed decimated. A war as they have never fought is on the horizon, but will fate require the ultimate sacrifice from Kristin?

Kristin is stronger than she has ever been, and with Zander officially at her side, she’s more of a force to be reckoned with. Will the two of them be able to take back their world and finally have their happily ever after despite Briella’s warnings?

Angelina is more powerful than she could have imagined, but will the strength she and her mates have be enough to save her sister?

With human-turned on the front line, thousands of the breed across the country, and Kristin’s arch-nemesis, Joseph Portage, working together, they are about to fight a war they might not win. It’s all or nothing for them now.

From backstabs to front jabs, the breed is about to battle for what is theirs. Join Kristin, Angelina, and the remaining Blue Blood gang for the Reckoning, Blue Blood Finale, where the epic battle will occur, and you never know who will double-cross whom next.

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