Book Review: Megan’s Way

Megan’s Way
written by
Melissa Foster
Before I read this book, I watched the video trailer of it. It can be found here for those who wish to view it, and I suggest that you do.  I have included it here for you to watch.

The video above intrigued me to read this book. Not knowing more then what I had seen in the video, I began to read and found myself totally engulfed in this story. Author Melissa Foster not only wrote an inspiring story of love and loss but captivated me to the point that I have now put this book on my top 10 list of all time favorite novels.

Ms. Foster did an amazing job of bringing her characters to life, even after death, and made me feel the love, the pain, the humor and the grief of the characters. There were many times when the tears the characters shed also rolled down my cheeks.

Within our world, Cancer is a bad word. A disease that we all know about and few speak about. Couple a very intense taboo subject with the pain of losing a loved one and the pathway to dealing with the grief and you find yourself in one very deep and meaningful story. Ms. Foster’s view of the afterlife fell right in line with how many of us may view the thought of what happens after death.

As a mother with a young daughter, I found myself thinking if I would have the strength to do what Megan did. Would my daughter have the strength to do what Olivia did? I pray that I will never have to find that out.

Within this very powerful story you will not only find love and grief, but you will find yourself moving along to twists and turns that you could not have seen coming. The creativity that came out of the mind of Ms. Foster is absolutely captivating. I applaud her for her writing and will continue to follow her in her writing career. 

(This book obviously received 5 stars from me.)
What is really exciting about this book is that this is Melissa Foster’s first novel.  It is also currently being made into a movie.  How freaking exciting is that!!!!  Every author’s dream!!!  
If you would like to know more about Melissa – you can visit her website here.