Multi-Author Box Sets

Below is a list of all Multi-Author box sets where you can find Stacy Eaton’s books

Irresistible Valentine

Find Your Irresistible Valentine…

Celebrate the season of love with EIGHT STEAMY STORIES From Nine New York Times & USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors

Ranging from fun and flirty to semi-sweet and suspenseful, this amorous collection of stories will not just hold you captive through Valentine?s Day; it?s romance you?ll find IRRESISTIBLE all year long.

Sweet & Sassy Daddies

Presenting A Debut Collection of Eight Stories, Six Brand New, by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. Nothing tugs at the heartstrings more than the sight of a loving single dad caring for his child. Dependable, courageous, tenderhearted?and SEXY!

Doctors In Love 2


Sweet & Sassy Brides

Do you sigh when you hear Mendelssohn’s wedding march? Does seeing a bride in shiny satin and lace bring tears to your eyes? Whether it’s a first marriage, an affair of the heart, or a second chance to get it right, our scintillating collection featuring NINE uplifting love stories is the perfect place to find that heart-warming wedding magic. Enjoy hours of Happy Ever After tales brought to you by NY Times and USA Today bestselling Magic Makers.

Stacy’s Book Included: Roses & Champagne Kisses

Sweet & Sassy at the Beach

From the Arctic coast to tropical beaches, Greek islands to the Jersey shore, love and romance swell with the tides. Find your perfect pair with Sweet and Sassy at the Beach, twelve titillating tales of love at first sight, second chance romance, Alaska villagers to a beachcomber billionaire, a rodeo clown to a Greek tycoon. Sweet and sassy tales that will keep you grasping your Kindle ’til the battery runs out. Keep your charger handy! You won’t want to miss any of these stories by USA Today bestselling authors!

Stacy’s Book Included: Orchids & Hurricane Kisses

Love Christmas 2: The Movies You Love (USA Bestselling Set)

Sprinkle a little Christmas magic into your life with 26 Holiday romances. Each title – exclusive to this set – is inspired by a favorite holiday movie, spun into a fantastic love story by NY Times, USA Today, and/or award-winning, bestselling author and delivered to you in this wonderful collection full of cheer for the coming season.

Stacy’s Book Included: Finding Love on Christmas Vacation

Unforgettable Thrills – Passion & Power

Get captivated by Unforgettable Thrills, a bundled set of saucy, mind-blowing suspense stories of Passion and Power that will stoke your desire, build a hunger for thrills, and then feed you with a banquet of romantic delights you hope will never end. Our strong, savvy heroines conquer overwhelming odds with their ingenuity and skills – their protective heroes bringing pleasure beyond expectations. This unsurpassable mix by NY Times and USA Today bestselling authors will have you cheering alongside them as they triumph over life?s challenges.

Stacy’s Book Included: Distorted Loyalty

Sweet & Sassy Suspense – Deceptions & Romance

Sweet and sassy suspense, thrillers with intrigue, crime and secrets, deception and lies, until truth prevails and love triumphs.
Detective, policewoman, psychiatrist, and even a student princess?all are strong heroines, not afraid to tackle a killer, yet yearning to find love with the heroes who walk, or rather run, at their sides.
Seven sweet and sassy suspense novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stacy’s Book Included: Six Day’s of Memories

Invincible – Strong and Fearless

Sometimes they must run. Sometimes they must hide, and sometimes they stand and fight back. Trying to survive. A box set of seven Women?s Fiction tales filled with drama, suspense, loss, love, pain, strength and life-altering decisions that will provide hours of quality entertainment written by seven New York Times and/or USA Today bestselling authors.

Stacy Eaton’s Whether I’ll Live or Die is part of this set.

A Night She’ll Remember

Lives change as passions flare when nine USA Today Bestselling Authors share tales of intrigue, hints of suspense and new romance guaranteed to keep you reading.
Second chances, broken engagements, accidents, misled information and opposites attract are just some of what you?ll find within the passion-filled pages of A Night She?ll Remember.

Stacy Eaton’s Tempt Me Too is available in this set.

Daring Protectors – Where Danger and Passion Collide (Protect and Desire Book 1)

When danger happens, these strong men and women dare to fight?dare to protect. Dive into this fast and furious romantic suspense boxed set. It?s a tough world out there, but Daring Protectors love as hard as they fight. Between car chases, gunfights, devious killers, mob hitmen, abusive ex?s, and cartel bosses, the action and romance are nonstop when Daring Protectors meet their match.

Stacy Eaton’s Barbara’s Plea is part of this set.

Favorite Holiday Recipes: From the Authors of Love, Christmas 2

Favorite Holiday Recipes is a collection of recipes from the New York Times, USA Today and Award-winning, International, Bestselling authors of LOVE, CHRISTMAS – MOVIES YOU LOVE (THE HOLIDAY SERIES BOOK 2)
Read the small excerpts that preface each recipe as each author tells you why her recipe is important to her story.
Full of pictures, these mouth-watering recipes are sure to inspire your culinary (or eating) desires. Included are appetizers (mulled wine, pineapple punch, millionaire’s bacon), main dishes (lasagne, lobster mac, and cheese, crockpot venison stew, traditional smoked salmon) and baked goods and desserts (fry bread, almond apricot coffee cake, double chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, cinnamon rolls) – in all, twenty-six recipes by the authors from all around the world.
These yummies are some of the authors? favorites and a gift to our readers from us. We hope you enjoy these treats as much as we do.

The Players: Overcoming the Odds

The Players: Always professional on the field, but amateurs when it comes to the game of love. When their perfect matches join the contest, will they be able to triumph over the challenges, or lose their hearts in the process? Raw emotions and urges barely contained, these men and women strive to achieve the greatest victory of all: true love.
Enjoy eight sports-themed romances by nine USA Today Bestselling Authors.

Stacy Eaton’s Finding the Strength is part of this series.

Sweet and Sassy Holiday

Capture the Magic of the Holiday Season with this collection of Eleven Christmas Romances from New York Times & USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors.

During Christmas, an angel comes to the rescue, the hardest decisions are made, assignments turn deadly, choices are made, lovers realize they are meant to be together, dreams come true, true love comes from distracting romances and old loves show up in the nick of time.

Stacy Eaton’s Carnations & Hot Toddy Kisses is part of this set.

Unforgettable Temptations: Attraction and Surrender (The Unforgettables Book 15)

NINE romantic suspense stories by award-winning authors, tales so hot you’ll want to bring a fan!

Stacy Eaton’s Liveon ~ No Evil is part of this set.

Book Bites, 11

Book Bites 11 is a collection of first chapters of the twenty-six, brand new love stories in LOVE CHRISTMAS 2. Read these samplers and discover a new favorite author from New York Times, USA Today and Award-winning, international, bestselling authors. A wonderful and surprising treat for all lovers of entertaining romances for these special holidays!

Book Bites 12

When the long-awaited Christmas season begins, many readers enjoy stories about the holidays. In this collection, we?ve brought together some of the best samplers of those very stories from which you can choose. You?ll love these entertaining romances by all of the 16 USA Today Bestselling authors.