Busy Summer

Photography by Stacy Eaton – July 2011

Where does the time go? I look at my calender and see that it is already July 22nd.  I find it amazing to know that we are almost to August already and soon the summer heat will give way to cooler temps and the holidays will be barreling towards us!
What’s going on in the life of Stacy Eaton? 
FOR ME:  First off – the first two weeks of July had me barely on the computer due to major technical issues. I was barely able to get into my e-mail accounts and trying to work on my blog, or go to Facebook or Twitter were beyond easy to do. So when I finally got all the issues fixed, it took me some time to get everything caught up.  
I managed to grab a few days at the beach with my best friend. A couple days to recharge my batteries and clear my head. I wish it could have been longer, but I was happy to have what I could have! We are hoping to do it one more time, but this time bring the kids with us. We will see if that will happen. 
FOR YOU:  Our August Daily Giveaway is coming up in 10 DAYS!!!! So I have been busy getting everyone’s pages together!  Wait to you all see the list of author’s that will be with us for the month of August!  We have some great authors and some pretty awesome books to give away all month! 
Exciting news for me was Book 2 of the My Blood Runs Blue series was sent to my publisher on Wed the 20th!!  101,996 words (before editing) make up Blue Blood for Life.  It should be out early fall and I am excited to start the publishing process.  I think designing the cover is one of the highlights of the experience! 
MY WRITING: After going back and forth on my current writing of “Liveon”, which is a stand alone novel, I have put this work aside for a little while.  I have read through the chapters I have over and over and there is just something missing to keep the flow moving the way I want it. So I have decided to put it aside for now to allow myself to work through the writer’s block I seem to have on that particular story. I hope to pick it up again early next year after I have completed Book 3 of the My Blood Runs Blue Series.
In the mean time, I have started another book.  This one will be called “Whether I’ll Live or Die” and will be a fictional story about the emotional turmoil and physical pain of Domestic Violence. This is an issue that is near and dear to my heart. Being a police officer I see men and women that deal with domestic violence in their lives everyday. My hope with this book is to reach out and hopefully give someone the encouragement to find a way out and to rebuild their life. I’m excited about this book and I am currently working on it when I can. 
Book 3 in the My Blood Runs Blue Series is still in plot stages. I have yet to put the fingers to the keyboard on this one to start the actual story, but I know the general plot of it and hope to get this story started next month. 
I look forward to seeing you all again soon – and please stay tuned to our blog for the exciting August Daily Giveaway that will be coming on August 1st!!