Celebrating the WLC – Amy Manemann talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Amy Manemann
Mini Drill Sgt for the WLC
Amy, What I do for the WLC?
My current position with the WLC consists of being the Events Communications Coordinator and Mini Drill Sergeant for Blogging Communications. That means for anyone participating in the WLC?s monthly events you more than likely hear from me!
How you got involved?
I participated in Melissa Foster?s book launch for her newest novel, Come Back To Me in November 2011. Up until this point I?d had my first novel published since June and though my sales were good I felt as though there was something I was missing. It was during that time that I met Melissa, who invited me to participate in her book launch. It was through this experience I learned not only the awesome power of many people working in collaboration to achieve the same goal, but also the value of true friendship. I can honestly say when I was offered the opportunity to continue to work with the WLC it was a no brainer decision on my part. I was truly honored.
Why you got involved?
My reasons for getting involved with the WLC were simple. I believe in helping others achieve their lifelong dreams and goals and I believe in Melissa Foster and her vision of helping other people make their dreams become a reality. The WLC brings authors and readers together in a literary community unlike anything I?ve ever seen and you find a true sense of camaraderie among the people you meet there. It?s like being part of a tight knit community where it doesn?t matter if you?re the new kid on the block or a long standing member, all are always welcome with the same enthusiasm and warmth.
What the WLC means to you?
To me the WLC is a beacon of hope for aspiring writers and authors alike. In a world where it?s easy to get lost in the amount of pain and corruption we?re surrounded by, its remarkable to find a place that fills you with feelings of hope, gratitude and the knowledge that you truly are making a difference.
What Melissa means to you?
Melissa Foster is an amazing person that I am so very thankful to have in my life. Not only is she an amazing author, but she is a kind, caring person whose vision to help others is reflected by all the hard work she does in sharing her vast knowledge of the publishing world. She is my mentor, a dear friend and a true sister heart. No other words could possibly describe this amazing woman.
Tell how awesome the WLC is so others will want to be a part of it!
The WLC is AWESOME!! Not only is it a place where you can participate in a number of monthly events to get your book and name out there, but there are a ton of forums for readers and authors to participate in from the book club and review forums to the author cross promotions where authors can help each other by cross promoting their books. This amazing community was built with the objective of bringing authors and readers together in a literary community and has done a remarkable job of it. Whether you are an aspiring writer looking for helpful tips, a writer with publishing or editing concerns or a reader looking for their next great read the WoMen?s Literary Caf? is an excellent place to go and make those connections.
With so much knowledge just a click away, why wouldn?t you check it out?
Author Amy Manemann
Amy, thank you so very much for your post today!  I personally can never thank you enough for the help you have given me and for taking the time to listen when I need to talk! Your friendship is so important to me and you are incredible asset to the WLC!   Thank you!  ~ Stacy
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