Celebrating the WLC – Beth Elisa Harris talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Beth Elisa Harris 

Member of the WLC

It was August, and I had just launched my first novel, alone, without much in the way of a support network aside from social media marketing.
Longing to connect with other authors, by September Melissa Foster had somehow found me like a needle in a haystack, extending an invite to join WLC.
With Melissa came about thirty other authors who shared similar journeys, most if not all who had chosen independent publishing over traditional paths.
I found my tribe.
I know the ‘wind beneath my wings’ quote is horribly corny and sappy, but the best way to describe the unity within WLC is just that. Publishing without a network is like trying to fly a kite without a breeze. You run and run and the kite flaps and flaps and perhaps a tiny lift occurs only to come crashing down again.
The WLC community provides not just a breeze, but a hearty, consistent wind with tools to promote, friends to talk you off ledges, and provide feedback on everything from story ideas to software.
I am a firm believer we attract what we need if we stay open to possibility. So, it was no coincidence Melissa was able to gather (and charm and lure without much effort) a group of courageous, talented, dynamic and sometimes cynical writers with strong personalities to WLC. WLC provides not just a safety net, but safety from the negative aspects of writing and publishing. Melissa is a positive force, a uniter of people, who has managed to provide the right place at the right time for those of us seeking a community of authors and readers.
But this is just the beginning. There are plans underway at WLC that will blow the lid off what authors and readers have experienced, because this isn’t an ordinary group. WLC believes in the idea to ‘pay it forward’ – to each other – author to author, author to reader. 
None of us achieve success in a bubble, and it is a non-negotiable responsibility as human beings to bring others along. Whether we extend a hand, or provide individual breezes to form a wind gust, we remember we do not compete, but applaud.
Beth Elisa ~  Step away from the ledge!   So glad that you are part of our great community!  Your inspiration, friendship and knowledge has been so useful to all of us!  Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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