Celebrating the WLC – Christopher Morgan talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Christopher Morgan
Technical Assistant for the WLC


WLC and me – growing together
Three years ago, while living in Boulder, Colorado, I finished my first book that I had been working on for around 5 years, on and off. I put it up on CreateSpace and Amazon and then, knowing nothing, let it sit there. Months later, I moved back to Ottawa, Canada and basically let the book rot while I did other things.
In October, 2011, I decided I wanted to get back to writing and to promoting my first book, which I had been told was a good read by the few who had read it. I purchased some books on how to market using social media and proceeded to put some serious effort into getting my name out there. I set up my author web site, created an author page on Facebook and started a Twitter account for my book. I then spent days going through Twitter and finding people who were doing things related to what I was interested in. In early November, I ran into the IndieKindle tweet promotion at womensliterarycafe.com. This seemed like a neat way to get some free promotion so I signed up for it.
While doing this, I took a good look around the WLC site. I noticed, mainly because the icon next to the URL was a Drupal icon, that the site was created in Drupal. I also noticed some minor issues the the site’s functionality. I manage large Drupal installations and know Drupal pretty well, so I wrote Melissa Foster an email suggesting some easy tweaks. She immediately wrote me back and thanked me profusely. I told her I would be happy to help her with the site and we struck up a friendship quickly.
I noticed today as I looked at my WLC profile that I have been a site member for 7 weeks and 4 days. In that time, I can honestly say my life has been transformed. Melissa and the WLC community have welcomed me with open arms and I have found a group of awesome people who truly care and push for the success of the entire community. My dealings with other members have always been positive and upbeat. Everyone seems dedicated to mutual support and it all starts with Melissa.
Melissa is a unique individual. She is obviously successful. She has multiple international bestsellers. She has made her mark and easily could just keep writing and marketing herself. Instead, she does that and so much more. She supports, instructs and encourages so many others. She does this both individually and in groups. She takes time she could be using to further her own career to help and encourage those who have so much farther to go and she doesn’t expect anything in return. What she gets in return, from me and many others, is the desire for us to help her make this great community get better and better. She is constantly telling me not to do too much or asking me if she is burdening me with work. I look at her and everything she is doing and I can’t imagine even being able to do enough to feel like she is burdening me. I truly enjoy helping with WLC and giving back to a group of great people some of the skills I have developed over the years. I am lousy at marketing, but I am good at web site development, so it’s a definite win-win for me. Honestly though, I would be proud to help with this project even if I wasn’t a writer.
As for the writing part, since joining WLC my book has sold. It was completely unknown before and now people are buying it. It has a long way to go to be a best seller, but all I ever wanted was to get people to read it and let me know what they thought. I would like to keep writing and maybe someday doing it full time, but all I want right now is to know if others think it’s worth it. WLC is giving me the opportunity to find that out and making it fun at the same time. I am thrilled and honored to be part of it and I thank my lucky stars to have met Melissa Foster.

Chris ~  I am so glad that you are a part of the WLC!  I know that you have helped me out more then once with a site issue and I am so glad we have you to come to when we need it!  Welcome to the team and Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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