Celebrating the WLC – Geraldine Solon talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Geraldine Solon

Member of the WLC

I met Melissa Foster when I released my novel, Love Letters. We shared stories on how we came close to signing with an agent and the many woes of publishing. In an instant, Melissa and I became very good friends. We compared notes, critiqued each other’s work and gave each other a push. We eventually met up in person in New York when both our books won The Beach Book Festival. I discovered that we were so much alike in many ways and shared the same vision of kindness and helping others. 

Melissa has played an instrumental role in my life and she’s a friend I deeply treasure. When she launched the Women’s Literary Cafe, her vision was to reach out to as many authors and readers as she can and offer them the help they need. For Melissa, success isn’t a solitary endeavor–uniting a community is what drives her passion. She goes out of her way to help authors fulfill their dreams. Kindness and staying positive is what makes her energy contagious. 

The Women’s Literary Cafe is her gift to the community. There are thousands of budding authors who desire to launch their careers and the WLC has proven to them that they’re not alone. Melissa gathered thirty five authors when she launched her latest novel, Come Back to Me. I must admit that this event was one of the most memorable moments in my career as an author. Not only did we get to sell a lot of books, but we made long-lasting friendships. Melissa has proven once again and that working together to achieve your goals is effective. 

As authors, we spend a lot of time toiling away on our computer, hoping that we can reach out to as many readers as we can when we release our book. The WLC is a one-stop shop that has bridged the gap between authors and readers. You get connected with bloggers and reviewers who are eager to read your book and post an honest review. There are forums where you don’t have to feel intimidated to ask a question. Networking with other new authors allows you to cross-promote together without leaving your own home. Little did you know that through the WLC, you’ve slowly started to build your platform and think of all the friends and followers you will make.

The WLC has been every author’s dream and every reader’s excitement. It shares the same concept of “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.” For every author out there, is a reader waiting to discover your book. You’re not alone, and being a part of the WLC community is the best decision you can make. Thank you Melissa Foster for your vision and gift to the community.
 Author Geraldine Solon


Geraldine ~ An absolutely wonderful post – and oh so true!  It has been a true pleasure working with you through the WLC! Thank you!    ~ Stacy

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