Celebrating the WLC – Patricia Rockwell talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Patricia Rockwell
IndieKindle Coordinator for the WLC
I?m not sure if I?m the oldest volunteer at the WLC, but I?m surely one of them.  Even so, neither Melissa Foster nor any of the other members treats me like their doddering old grandma; they treat me like a sister.  This is a wonderful feeling to experience when you?re my age and not terribly up to date on the Internet, social media and the like.  

I?ve been helping Melissa collect all of the tweets that accumulate in the IndieKindle authors? program.  Melissa is joy to work with, always so personable and warm.  Plus, there?s the extra benefit of learning from and watching first hand one of the world?s best novelists do her thing.  I truthfully don?t know where she gets her energy, but I?d like to snatch a bit of it.

Everything I can say about Melissa, I can also say about the wonderful group of volunteers who make up the WLC.  They?re a very diverse bunch, but they?re all committed to being successful authors and to helping their colleagues achieve the same goal.  I?m so happy I joined this amazing group and I expect to continue to learn from them–and from Melissa–in the year ahead.
Patricia ~  You are such a sweetheart!  And all the work you are doing for the IndieKindle is awesome!!  Thank you so much for being a part of the WLC Patricia – your friendship is very valued!  ~ Stacy
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