Celebrating the WLC – T.M. Souders talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author TM Souders
Read & Review Coordinator for the WLC

My foray into the WLC first started after an inquiry about something I saw on Twitter, which turned into an invitation to participate in bestselling, award-winning Melissa Foster?s Come Back To Me launch party. I went into the event knowing little of what I was doing in regards to promotion and real networking. What I left with was so much more–I left with a wealth of knowledge and friendships.


The most difficult thing in the writer?s journey is how solitary an endeavor it can be. And no one can understand the writing life and struggles in the world of publishing better than another author. Before I became a part of WLC, I was alone in my endeavors. Thankfully, I can no longer say that. The best thing about the WLC is the sense of community and the opportunity to build a great rapport with others.


I have to say that I?m still amazed at the openness and willingness to help other authors that Melissa Foster exudes on a daily basis. Despite the fact that she is extremely successful, she spends countless hours working on WLC. If actions speak louder than words, then Melissa Foster is the definition of ?giving back.?
I am proud to call her and the other WLC volunteers friends. Currently, I am a WLC Review Coordinator for the Read & Review program and work on quality control as well. WLC is a wonderful organization dedicated to sharing the love for authors. So, if you haven?t yet, check out the WLC. You won?t regret it.

 Author TM Souders

‘T’ my girl!  Have I told you lately that you rock?  lol… Well if now – you do! I am so glad to know you and proud to call you my friend and fellow Quality Control Partner!  So glad to have you in the WLC with us! ~ Stacy
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