Celebrating the WLC – Wendy Young talks Uniting a Community

Guest post from author Wendy Young 

Read & Review Coordinator for the WLC
How I got involved and what I do with the WLC

After a couple of months of quiet participation in some of Melissa?s initiatives, like Share the Love, she asked me to participate in her book launch. What I know about self-publishing went from little to a lot in just that one 2 month span! Now, I am part of the Read and Review team and I work with reviewers, alongside TM Souders. We make sure they?re welcomed, that they get what they need, and that everything goes smoothly as they read and review the books authors submit.
What the WLC means to me
Unity! We are so much stronger together. When I decided to self-publish my books I had a vision that it would be a very lonely process and for some, maybe it is. But within a month I had already connected with Melissa on Twitter and Facebook, and I was soon plugged in with a fantastic group of authors! I went from alone, to watching on the sidelines, to a revelation of new ideas and people just like me. 
Melissa Foster has a fantastic outlook ? that we don?t have to work against each other, but rather we should work together for the benefit of everyone. She has a burning desire to help other authors and that shines through in everything the WLC does ? from events, to blog tours, to the forums, and small threads like #sharethelove4authors that helps us to help each other. The WLC is a great place to reach out to those who are going through exactly the same thing. We laugh, we learn, and we grow together!
The WLC also connects authors with readers through promotions and events that have a strong reader-focus. It?s not about just blasting books to the world and screaming ?buy this!? It?s about building a community and I?m thrilled to be a part of it! 
 Author Wendy Young
Wendy ~ What a wonderful person you have been to work with! Always willing to take one more step to help everyone and putting yourself out there!  Your friendship means the world to me as does all that you do for the WLC! Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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