Character Interview: John Manning talks Shades of Gray

Character Interview

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Please welcome character John Manning to our blog today!
John is the star of Shades Of Gray that will be released this month! 
We got a chance to talk to John over the phone while 
his creator Andy Holloman was busy. 

John is going to tell us a bit about the book he stars in: 

This story is a very difficult one to tell about decisions and choices that I made when I found myself in a very dire situation.  My precious daughter, Lucy, was very sick and, in order to raise money quickly, I partnered with a local drug runner name Wanda Johnson.  We had very good success with our first venture and raised more money than I thought was possible in one week.  However, our second trip turned into a disaster that wrecked my life as well as many others close to me. 

That’s doesn’t sound good John…  I can only imagine what you are going to have to deal with in your story! 

Wanda?s boss, Jamel Scott, had become very suspicious of her activities and found out that she was trying to move cocaine behind his back.  My brother, Travis, a Durham NC police detective, was unaware of my crossing the line into illegal activities.  I so wish that rather than breaking the law, I had simply been humble enough to ask him for money.  I found out that he had plenty, although I was not aware of the lengths he had gone to in order to earn this money.

Okay… that sounds intriguing… hmmmm…. 

John – do me a favor and answer a few questions before you take off out of here!

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?       
I wish that my creator had endowed me with the same good looks that he assigned to my brother Travis.  *smile*

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?  I’m sure someone thinks you are attractive!

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?       
I would have added more information about my ex-wife Ellen.  She was very special to me but suffered from a mental illness that hampered her ability to stay connected with me and Lucy.  Ellen is also a very interesting and intelligent person and I know that readers would have enjoyed discovering more about her.

Maybe she will return in a later book? 

What do you love best about yourself?  I love my problem solving ability.  I have faced adversity over and over again and I have learned how to get things fixed.  Part of being a successful business owner is being able to solve any of the numerous problems that you face.     
That is very true… 

What do you like least?   
I don?t like that I?m not physically appealing to women.

Wow.. You’re not that unappealing!!! (of course I can’t see you over the telelphone line, so maybe you are…)

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?  
The sections of the story that described horrible things happening to children were very challenging and hard for me to be a part of.

That would be hard for almost anyone to write and be a part of.  

Is there a sequel for this book?    

We do not have a sequel planned for this book but my creator and I have flirted with the idea of creating a ?pre-quel? to this story.

A “pre-quel”  – now that is interesting… 

Now as much as we wish we could give you more information on John Manning – you’re just going to have to get in touch with his creator, Andy Holloman and speak to him!

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