Character Interview: Stuart Fairchild from Vision

Please welcome character 
Stuart Fairchild
to our blog today!
He is the star of the book Vision
Created by Beth Elisa Harris
I don’t generally allow the Creator’s here for the interviews, but well…. She was rather pushy about it, so I let her stay on one condition, she was not allowed to interrupt, We will see how that goes.
Welcome Stuart!  Please do us a favor and tell us a bit about your story. 

Vision is about the love of my life, or I should say, lifetimes (but that is all the spoiler I will provide), Layla Stone. I am Stuart Fairchild, and have loved Layla for hundreds of years.

Stuart that makes you very old. What about Layla?

Layla is what we call ?Clear.? That is to say, she can read thoughts and predict events. This is not the hocus pocus nonsense you often hear of, this is a genuine, authentic gift passed down through the maternal side of her family. 

Wow… It comes from the Maternal side, huh! 

It is rare, and there are not many like her alive. The problem is, very bad people seek her skills, too, only for the wrong reasons ? world domination comes to mind. 
That’s not good, no wonder she needs a guardian! 
As her destined Guardian, it is my duty to keep her safe, although this presents challenges considering she is not only independent and stubborn, she is impossibly distracted by the changes in her life.
You do know Stuart, that I have read this story you are in, and you are right, she is rather stubborn, I have to agree. 

Still, I have and will follow her to the earth-ends and back. And while she doesn?t remember everything now, somewhere inside her is the place where our love began, in another time when life was less complicated?yet more brutal. That brutality took her from me once. It won?t again.

Yes, you do your best! 

She doesn?t know everything yet, and will not in this first installation of her story. It will take three volumes to document such a monumental task. 

Three!  Awesome! 

You will see, I am sometimes remarkably useful as a Guardian, but always fully, irrevocably declared in my love for her. Layla doesn?t fully understand this yet, nor does she understand the extent of tactics I will use in her defense, but in time, she will know all truths. Because nothing can be kept from a Clear.

Very nice Stuart, now… answer a few questions for me. 

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you? Well, to be quite honest, she describes the events and my part in them with remarkable accuracy. There was no time to learn all there is to know about me, hence the series. She portrays me with a somewhat dark mystique. I find that rather amusing since I don?t fancy myself too much one way or the other.

Oh, yes she does portray you that way. 

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?
I wish I had trusted my instinct to return to Layla?s room?the night?the night they took her?I can?t talk about it easily, sorry. I wonder why Layla was able to convince me she was ok, when nothing could be further from the truth.

She is a very strong young woman, I was not surprised she kept that from you. 

What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?
I suppose now I love the fact that I?m dark and mysterious *laughs* – seriously, I love being tuned in to Layla. Our ability to communicate without words is savagely sexy. I am privileged to have that connection to her. The thing I like least is that my past, the time spent waiting for her to return, is filled with secrets that will hurt her deeply. I also loathe that I don?t have the heart to tell her anything at this point.

Oh Stuart… Now you have me wondering what you were up to.

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through? 
Well, I am quite particular about how things should be presented and said. I was very certain about how I wanted things worded 

Beth interjects: ?You were insistent, Stuart. I think that?s a better word. You would make we wake up at night and make notes on my tablet. Brute!?

So, you see first hand how we banter. But, in the end, wasn?t I almost always right? 

*Beth nods then blushes*

Well, that?s settled! Honestly, I was relentless, making changes after we went to print and such. We have a better working relationship now I am happy to say!

Did she really just call you a Brute? (I whisper to Stuart and we both chuckle).

Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book. 

Yes, so we have talked sequels ? the next installation is Soul Herder (Vision #2) out later this year. Vision tells the beginning, but Soul Herder delves into the danger, loss and pain of Layla?s journey. It is difficult to discuss, because I?ve lived it, but let?s just say Layla?s life changes forever?and so does she.

Wow Stuart, that last sentence is very intense!  I can’t wait till it comes out.  I mentioned earlier that I really enjoyed this book.  It is a great Young Adult Paranormal novel. 

Thank you so much for coming to talk to me today, and Beth, thank you for coming too!

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