Character Interview Taci Andrews from Deadly Reunion

Please welcome character 
Taci Andrews
to our blog today!
She is the star of the book Deadly Reunion
Created by Amy Manemann

So readers… I read this book and I loved it.  Loved the style, loved the story and I wanted you all to hear a bit about the character.  So please say hello to my guest today!

My name is Taci Andrews. I?m an investigative reporter for the Riverdale Times in Riverdale Iowa and my somewhat normal (albeit solitary and somewhat pathetic) life has suddenly become more complicated than a single bag of double stuffed Oreos can handle. 

I love that you are a double stuffed Oreo girl!  What happens in your story Taci?

After my counterpart at the Times, Richard Owens (aka the snake) disappears while working a missing child feature I get thrown into the story of my career. 

I agree with your nickname for him, he was a snake! 
What should have been a highlight for me quickly goes south when I realize my career busting story is centered around Jason and Valerie McAllister, two vile people from my high school days I would rather avoid like the plague. Nicknamed Barbie and Ken for their perfection they gave it their best effort to make my life miserable in high school and the thought of cozying up to them for a feature story is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. 

Oh I know people like that too. 

Speaking of which I just received an invitation to my fifteen year high school reunion and Valerie?s in charge this year. My week just keeps getting better. 

School Reunions are horrible! 

To regroup I meet my best friends, Annie Brown and Melanie Hastings for lunch at our favorite haunt, Milroy?s. It?s Thursday. A day for coworker bashing, gossip and fun girl time, which gets interrupted when a blast from our past, former classmate fireman Tony Parsons, shows up.

Yummy… Tony…. I meant the food. Yeah.. that’s it. 

To say Parsons and I were friends in school would be stretching it. In third grade he looked up my skirt during our Christmas Pageant and told everyone about my little pony underwear; I gave him a black eye. In ninth grade I actually let him put his hand up my shirt, which he then turned around and told everyone my actual cup size. So I gave him another black eye. 

I love that!  You go girl! 
I have to admit the grown up version of Parsons is definitely sexier than the adolescent version but it?s yet another complication I don?t need right now. Apparently he doesn?t hone in on my desire to avoid him because shortly after running into him the man begins to pop up everywhere I go. I can?t deny that he actually makes for a nice distraction and the dimples that appear in his cheeks make my stomach do flip flops, but I get the feeling he doesn?t think I?m capable of handling any trouble I run in to. 

He’s just being a man – they don’t think we can handle anything. Fools! 

OK, in truth he might have a point. After all someone did put a slashed up mannequin with a picture of my face attached to it in my apartment as a warning. 

That was very strange. 
And we did find out there were traces of an explosive found on the mannequin. Plus I did sort of receiving a threatening phone call. But seriously, was it really necessary to camp out on my living room couch or follow me to the Laundromat? Sure the man made one helluva breakfast and gave good tips on fabric softener but I somehow doubted the sexy fireman with deep blue bedroom eyes was in it for the long haul. 

Nice thought though, huh? 

Against my libido?s better judgment I better stick to the facts and focus on my story, because with my tingling spidey senses I have a feeling this is the biggest story to be uncovered in Riverdale, Iowa.
So far.

Very intriguing Taci… Very intriguing.  Let me ask you a few questions…

I know that we all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you? 

Bigger boobs, definitely. Just kidding. I?d probably say I wish I could live in a fancier apartment building or at least drive a rockin? cool car like Gavyn Davis. Seriously, how fair is it that he drives a Beamer while I have a crappy Honda Civic?

lol….  Too funny! 

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been? 

Definitely a few more steamy scenes with Parsons. What can I say, the man is hot!

Oh I agree!  I’d like a few more scenes with him too! 

What do you love best about yourself, Taci? What do you like least? 

What I love best about myself is that I?m my own person. I?m not afraid to speak my mind and do what needs to be done. What I like least would probably be my big mouth. I tend to have ?blurt disease? and my mouth gets me in trouble from time to time. 

lol… Blurt Disease…. that is hysterical!  

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through? 

Well in case you didn?t notice it took the entire book for me to come to terms with attending my high school reunion, so I would say that was probably the hardest obstacle we overcame. Getting blown up was way easier.

I might have to agree with you on that.  The through of attending my own reunion gives me the hives! 

Now I believe there is a sequel, that is it about? 

Of course there?s a sequel, how else are you going to find out what happens with me and Parsons? In the next book I?m hoping we can come to terms with the fireworks that seem to ignite between us and I think my creator has a few more surprises in store for everyone. 

Oh man!! Are you done with that book yet?  Cuz I really want another Tony fix!!! If you decide you don’t want him – send him my way please! 

Taci – Thank you so much for joining up today!  So glad you could be here to talk about Deadly Reunion!  I loved the book and I hope others take the time to check it out!  
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