Character Interview: Will Harmon with Come the Shadows

Please welcome character 
Will Harmon 
to our blog today!
Will is the star of a series written by Wendy Young. 

Will tell my readers about yourself and the books you star in: 
My name is Will Harmon and I am a Police Officer living in the small town of Campbell Creek, on the North Carolina coast. I?ve lived here all my life and been on the force for 25 years. I have 4 kids and my wife is trying to get a 5th out of me. 
You and I have something in common, the police force, not the 4 kids!  lol…

Our town is pretty quiet, or it was. At the beginning of Come the Shadows, bones were found in my dad?s old factory on the north side of town. That was a bit of a shock, let me tell you. We don?t get a lot of bodies around here and no one has been murdered in seventeen years. Can?t count on anything but change, though, so I guess it had to happen eventually.
Surprising how big a deal it is to happen in a quiet town. I know.. I work for one myself. 
Thing is, it?s not the only thing going on around here. The Sheriff isn?t acting right and, brother-in-law or not, I don?t trust him. Out-of-towners are also buying up a lot of land. Doesn?t make much sense to me. People around here are running away from this dying town as fast as their legs will carry them ? why?s anyone want to come here?
Sounds like something else is going on.
I?ve got other things to deal with too. We have a new guy on the force, from up north. He?s an alright kid, I guess, but we don?t have a lot in common. He and his wife moved in two doors down. I?m not so sure I like having him and my sister in the same room either. They seem to like each other a little too much. Jessa?s?. Jessa. Wherever she goes, trouble follows. She?s just been appointed Medical Examiner and I?m not sure she?s suited for the job. 
Like I said ? trouble.
lol… Now I read the first book you are in, she was a handful, but I thought she was great.  
Will let me ask you a few questions….
We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?
I?m not too happy with change and I?d probably just like to be left alone. I liked life before the bones were found. Things are too complicated now. I?m approaching 50 but now I have a small kid and a murder to solve?. not really where I want to be. I think we should have a little talk about leaving a man in peace.
Awww.. come on now.  We all know that cops like things to get stirred up once in a while. lol…

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?
I?d have kept my wife out of everything. She?s strong, and she can handle herself pretty well, but I?m not sure I can handle her running all over the place trying to fix things and putting herself in danger. 
Personally, I thought that showed a lot about your relationship and how strong of a woman she was. You’re wife is awesome! 

What do you love best about yourself?
I love my faith and my family. Those are the two most important things to me. 
What about the least?

Least? Well, I?m a bit stubborn and I don?t like liars. Cross me and it?s hard to cross back. Then again, I don?t think I ever cut out anyone who didn?t deserve it so maybe that?s not such a bad thing after all.
Being stubborn in our line of work is part of the job. 

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through? 
I can?t really say. Things seem to flow pretty well. I?m an easy-going guy. I didn?t give her much trouble.
Rare for a man, oopppss did I say that out loud?  lol… Just kidding. 
I hear that the sequel to your story just came out, tell us a bit about that one, I haven’t read it yet. 
Yeah, this story isn?t over yet and I?m just finding out how far it?s going to go. This whole thing continues in Red Sky Warning, which is out now, and another follow-up is in the works. Apparently there?s a lot I don?t know yet. I hope that one day I?m left alone to live in peace, as a man should. 
I?ll get it sorted. I always do. But first, I?m going to go get me a slice of pie at Sarah Carter?s Corner Pie Shop in town. If anyone needs me they know where to find me.
Yep, I sure do know!  Thank you Will for coming to speak with us today.  I look forward to reading Red Sky Warning, it’s already on my kindle!  
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