Scary Character Interview with Cellie from “An Angel Box” by Denny Youngblood

Welcome Cellie!!!


Cellie is the star of “An Angel Box” written by Denny Youngblood

We are very excited to have Cellie here today!?

(HOLY COW!? This guy is huge!!! He’s like 6’5″ and 300 lbs of pure muscle! Good Lord look at his hands – they are huge! Ok, trying to relax, I sure hope this interview goes well, he’s kind of scary looking)

Welcome Cellie! Come on in and have a seat, it that one big enough for you?? Yes, I see that it is. Okay, why don’t you tell us about your story.

This is my POV; they call me Cellie. This author friend of mine wrote a book about An Angel Box. He believes it is about a 12-year old kid named Harrison Thurston who has Down?s syndrome. Personally, I think he wrote about me.

Why do you think it is about you?

He has other characters call me names and disrespect me in all sorts of ways. True, I?ve spent most of my life in trouble and I was in prison for awhile. Then I found a unique way to get my butt out of there ? I paroled myself.

Paroled yourself? ummm…. How did you do that?

My cellmate received his parole papers, so I conveniently chopped him up into small bits that looked a little like chicken nuggets. Then I flushed him down the commode. He was worthless anyway; stole my stash of drugs out of my prison locker. Nobody disrespects Cellie that way. Nobody.

(gulp) Have you killed before?

No, that wasn?t the first time I?ve killed. To be honest, I don?t remember the total number. Dozens, I suppose.


But they all deserved it. I mean, I don?t kill just to see their blood. No, every last one of them did something disrespectful, and Cellie don?t tolerate no disrespect. Nope, not ever.

Total respect here my man… total!

The thing is, death is over-rated. To me, it?s more than an event that happens, it?s a party.

Excuse me, did you say a party?

A big freakin? PARTY, I say. There should be bells and whistles, floats and bands. So, whenever I have to kill someone, people make a huge deal out of nothing. They?re all sad and stuff, and for some reason, it gets them to hate me.

And you don’t understand that?

Hard to understand this line of thinking though. Death is death, nothing more. You die, you go to a party. All I do is help them get to their party a little quicker.

I see…

Some of the readers say I?m ugly, disfigured, and meaner than a two-headed snake. Me, I?m one handsome dude. I see myself in the mirror every morning, so I know I ain?t that bad looking. The girls all seem to want me, so that must mean I?m not bad in the looks department.

Yeah sure…

You see, all I wanted was for folks to treat me nice. When they don?t, they lie to me, disrespect who I am, and ultimately, I kill them. Or at least I try to.

Again… I’m all about the respect thing here!

This crazy author who wrote about me has me chasing after a young lady who lied to me. Of course, I couldn?t let something like that go. But the closer I get to her, the more her little brother gets in my way. He?s a wiry character that goes by the name Harrison. Something about that boy ain?t right. No, I don?t mean the Down?s part; it?s the other things he does.

Oh a bit of mystery.

The author tells everyone not to read this book because it?s scary. Scary hell, it?s about me! He says to not read it after dark, that it will ?scare the drawers off you?. Silly, I say. I ain?t that scary. I just kill a few folks who get in my way.

Read An Angel Box if you dare. I double-dog dare you to?

Oh wow!? Yeah okay… Ummm.. Cellie will you answer a few questions for me?

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?

Probably make me nicer. I mean, I?m really not that bad. Sure, I have my moments when I find somebody that needs to die, but other than that little flaw…

Little flaw, yeah Okay then.

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?

I guess I would have added the portion about my girlfriend. I remember she was kind of cute. But, she also made fun of me, so she had to die too. Oh, well.


What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?

The best thing I like about Cellie is my size. I mean, I?m so freakin? big that it intimidates everyone and they cower from me. Pretty cool, if you ask me.? What do I like least? What is there not to like? If you don?t like something about me, tell me. I?m sure we can talk it over in a dark alley somewhere.

You are quite perfect if you ask me… Yep – perfect. Just a couple more questions.

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?

My creator is so sentimental. He had a big problem with me throwing a little boy out the window of a moving car. So what? He got in my way and I disposed of him. So?

What?????? Never mind… Never mind – One last question.

Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book.? If not, do you wish you could continue your story?

My creator did write a sequel and he thought for sure it was all finished. However, his wife stepped in and informed him it was not finished. So, he?s going back to write some more on it. From what I hear, the first section is all about me. Awesome. Then there is a cool story line about me throughout the novel. Hope he don?t change any of that. That would be disrespectful. And of course, we all know what I do to folks who disrespect me?

Oh yes we do don’t we.? Ummmm…. Thank you Cellie for coming to visit with us today. You are quite welcome to leave now, please… like right away… like bye-bye!

Holy cow! Scariest person I ever interviewed!? You all know I can take care of myself, but that guy was like … wait, he might read this… He was a really nice guy! I’m so glad he came to visit!

Someone get me a drink!

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