Excerpt from My Blood Runs Blue

Chapter 6 – Kristin’s notification
Mr. Taylor?s nostrils flared and his mouth slacked open slightly as he looked into my eyes.  ?Dead, she?s dead??
I stared at him, damn, did I forget to wipe the sign off my face that says, ?hey man, sorry, but your daughter?s dead.?  How?d he know that?  Had someone from the scene called him already?
I turned back to Mrs. Taylor and found her staring at her husband eyes wide, mouth open as if she would speak. 
Wait, this was not going how it should.  I cleared my head and looked back at them, Mr. Taylor had moved over to stand beside his wife and they were both looking at me now, waiting. 
?Mr. & Mrs. Taylor, I am very sorry to say that your daughter Dawn is dead.? I HATED saying that sentence, but it was a sentence that was drilled into you from the moment you entered the academy.  You do not say, I?m sorry your daughter was in an accident, or your daughter did not make it.  Not in the first sentence. You can elaborate later, but that first sentence, has to be the one that they remember for the rest of their life.  The one that tells them, this is not a sick joke, and they are not just going to wake up tomorrow and find her asleep in her bed.  That sentence had to say it was real and it was final.  
They both stared back me. I saw Mrs. Taylor?s lips move, and I could have sworn I heard her say, ?he found us?, but I thought it was more in my imagination until I looked into Mr. Taylor?s steel grey eyes and saw them widen and look at me quickly to see if I had heard what she said.  I managed to keep my face perfectly clear and thought I would mull over that statement later.  
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