Finding Love in Special Places Series

Finding Love on Christmas Vacation

Finding Love on Christmas Vacation is a short story, and part of Stacy Eaton’s Finding Love in Special Places Short Story Series.

Lucy dreads spending Christmas at her father’s cabin, especially since this is the first year he won’t be there. When she shows up and finds a window broken, and forest critters inhabiting the cabin, she’s forced to stay with Maverick in a nearby cabin.

Maverick arrives earlier than usual this year with the hopes of finally meeting his long, time friend’s daughter, Lucy. What he didn’t expect was to find his friend had passed earlier in the year.

Maverick and Lucy hit it off instantly, but will her father’s final wish push them apart instead of bringing them closer?

Finding Love on the Summer Surf

Finding Love on the Summer Surf is a short story, and part of Stacy Eaton’s Finding Love in Special Places Short Story Series.

Cynthia was in desperate need of a few days of peace, and when her good friend, Janet, told her to take off to Ocean City Maryland for the weekend and use their condo, she takes her up on the offer. Now she’s ready for sun, sand, salty water, a few bottles of wine, and a smutty story on her audio player.

The last thing Michael wanted to do was clean out the condo. It had been his wife’s sanctuary, and now that she was gone, it was painful to be there—even five years later. That’s why Michael ends up on the beach, trying to get into a novel, but more interested in people-watching.

When Cynthia gets caught in a rip-tide, Michael comes to the rescue. Suddenly, the weekend they both planned is pulled out to sea as these two get lost in the tumble of the surf.

When the weekend ends, will fate bring these two back together, or will their weekend of memories drift away with the ocean waves?

Finding Love with Dear Santa

When Faith McMillian returns to Merryland with her son, Luke, right before Christmas, the last thing she is looking for is love. All Faith wants to do is figure out how to get her life back on track. When her son forces her to write a Dear Santa letter with him, that is the only thing she asks for.

Peter Sterling enjoys playing Santa and making wishes come true for people in Merryland. When his high school best friend’s son sits on his lap to share his Christmas wish, Peter finds himself very curious over their wishes.

Peter and Faith enjoy catching up, and it isn’t long before hidden feelings come to the surface. Will Faith end up going back to New York to rebuild her life, or will Peter somehow manage to fulfill her Dear Santa’s wish?

Finding Love in a Champagne Toast

After a divorce that took two years to acquire, Karen Reed is ready for a few days of solace and sunshine on the island of Lanai in Hawaii. With a long flight over and a friendly seat companion, Karen is now looking forward to a light dinner and a good night’s sleep at her resort.

Hudson Forbes made a promise to his wife before she died, and he is on a mission to fulfill that wish. What he didn’t expect was to find the attractive brunette from the plane walk into the restaurant at his resort.

When they sit down to share a meal, they decide to take advantage of the company, the sunshine, and the romance that quickly builds. But when the week is over, will they be able to go their separate ways after sharing a final champagne toast?