From the Characters Point of View

Recently I was asked to write a guest post for a blog written from the Point of View of my Character.  I found this idea rather fun and really enjoyed writing the post.  With that in mind… I wanted to add a feature to my blog here… I want other authors to write guest posts that I can add to my blog from the point of view of their main character.  This post will tell people about the books, without giving away detail.  

Think your up for it?  Check out my post and see what you think.  If you are interested post a comment with your e-mail address and I will send out an e-mail to everyone in a few days to set up times. 

Guest Post from Officer Kristin Greene
Main character in the My Blood Runs Blue Series
Many people read about me and want to know more about who I am and where I come from. I live within the world of Fawn Hollow Township, a small township in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Don?t bother trying to find it on a map because it is a pretend place that has been created for me to live and to deal with the choices within my life.
My days take me into the world of law enforcement where I work as a patrol officer on the streets of this small township. The streets here are all named randomly, but I know where they are. I live for my job, it completes me.  Or it did complete me before my life was changed forever when a young girl was murdered.  When Dawn was murdered, several people entered my life that I had never guessed would exist. Two of these people would bring to me a life I could not turn away from.
So who are these two people?  The first one is Julian? sigh?. Oh Julian is amazing? His incredible eyes gave him the nickname of Jules. His incredible scent is unlike anyone else?s and the chemistry between us has been going on for over forty years. Now that might seem strange since I am only 36 in the first book, but it?s true. Julian works for Alexander in the VMF and when I pull his mustang over one night our lives are instantly intertwined once again.
Alexander is the head of the VMF, Vampire Military Force and it is their job to police the vampires; to help protect them and protect the humans so they can all live peacefully together. Alex also comes from my past and helps me to understand my future. He has loved me as long as Julian has and it is this that I must decide, to whom do I build my new life with.
After decisions are made, I find myself having moved three months into the future where Blue Blood for Life brings me back to the pages. My relationship with my chosen one is at times stressful and I find myself balking at being told what to do. I am my own person and I do not like people taking my choices away.
Alexander is kidnapped and Julian, Gabe and I must work together to figure out how to find him. I didn?t mention Gabe earlier, but he is a very close friend and very much like a brother to me, keeping me calm and being there for me as I need him.  Unknown to us, Alex has sent another person to help and when Trent walks into my life his emerald eyes bring feelings to me that cause tension with everyone around us.
As Julian, Gabe and Trent protect me from the threats they believe surround us, I must also share my secrets with my friends and hope that they will accept me for what I am.  When I must go to work, to escape the tension in the house, Trent comes with me on a wild ride through an intense shift at work. He sees me in a way that Julian and Alexander never have; a way that they choose not to see me.
Trent helps me to figure out the connection between Alex?s kidnapping and the threats on my life and a plan is made to rescue Alex. When it comes time to put that plan in motion, I must make decisions that will affect many people in my life and that will change my course into the future.
I am proud of my choices? proud of whom I am. I believe in myself.  I believe in humanity and I believe that vampires and humans can live together in harmony to protect one another. I hope you come and visit me in Fawn Hollow and decide for yourself if the choices I made were good or bad. 
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