Getting ready for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is around the corner and Celebration Township is ready to celebrate!

Sparklers or Spankings is now available to not only celebrate a new romance, but to remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Don’t miss out on the Harper & Mason as they meet and fall in love and figure out how to deal with the situation they are in.

Harper Reed has run her family owned Bed & Breakfast for three years, and recently turned it into a place for couples to spice up their relationships. Harper has a dream for her business and her future, but recent events might upend those romantic dreams.

When Mason Tidewater arrives at her Inn, Harper believes its fate that has brought them together. While Mason doesn?t believe in fate, things start to happen in Celebration Township that could change his mind. Unfortunately, the reason he?s here in the first place, might destroy any chance he has with Harper.

During the Memorial Day celebration Mason must decide if he?s ready for sparklers or spankings, or perhaps if fate is good, he could have both.