Giving Thanks…

2015 has been a rough year for me, but that doesn?t mean I can?t be thankful. So this is what I?m thankful for this year:

VZM.IMG_20151024_154120I?m thankful that the concussion I sustained in May, while serious and depressing, did not put me in a hospital bed.

I?m thankful for all the doctors and therapists that have worked with me over the last 5 months.

I?m thankful for having had three books written and almost edited before my injury so that I could feel like I was still a writer, even though I haven?t been able to write much since my accident.

I?m thankful for all my amazing readers who have purchased my books!

I?m thankful for the amazing on-line friends that I have that have supported me through these past nightmare months.

I?m thankful for my close friends who reach out to me and check to make sure I?m okay and see if I need anything.

I?m thankful that my parent?s health has been steady, as I?m not sure what I would have done to help them during these last few months.

I?m thankful for all the rides my mother gave me back and forth to therapy.

I?m thankful to my mother in law who stole away my daughter during the summer months to go swim while I hid in a dark room trying to recover.

I?m thankful that my mother in law was willing to go to Disney with us to help me since I was still unable to deal with things.Joey & I

I?m thankful for my daughter?s teachers at school for making learning fun for her and keeping her on the straight A path!

I?m thankful for my daughter?s Tae Kwon Do instructors, who work so hard to keep her and other kids going and interested in learning how to better themselves.

I?m thankful for my daughter. Her beauty, inside and out, is an inspiration to so many, including me.

I?m thankful for my son and daughter in-law. Although I don?t see them often, I am so thankful for them.

I?m thankful for my wonderful and loving husband, who has stood by me through endless days of listening to me talk about this headache, or that vision problem. For being beside m420845_533058346711079_1899316461_ne every step of the way, holding me when I cried, laughing when I couldn?t stand straight, and for thinking that I?m amazing, even when I don?t see it.

All of these things are so important, but the one thing that is most important is what God gave me: the strength to move forward. To accept that I might not ever be the person I was, but that I can be someone else. I am strong enough to overcome my obstacles. While I might not be able to go over all of them, I can damn well find a way around them, or just break them down. He gave me the courage to fight and to be the best person I can be, always.

May you all have a wonderful holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving!