Holiday Sirens brings you “Bad Luck Cadet” by Suzie Ivy

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Bad Luck Cadet 
written by Suzie Ivy

  For those of you who are just joining us, Holiday Siren’s is an event taking place between December 13th and December 23rd. We are sharing some great crime novels with you that were written by law enforcement officers, people who worked around the trade or people who just did some awesome research!  Make sure to join us each day to see the featured book and the featured author! 

 You write a crime novel – is your writing from experiences that you have had or did you just totally come up with the plot out of the blue? 
I write from my own experience. The first book, Bad Luck Cadet, is my struggle to get into law enforcement but crime writing is on the way in book II, Bad Luck Officer, due out Jan. 13th 2012.

What is your experience if you have it? 
I?ve been an officer for five years, three of which I have been a detective. I?m now moving on to a Sergeant?s position. 
How did you develop your characters for this story? Are they people you know, maybe yourself?  
My character is me. With my work, I found myself seeing only the bad side of human nature and I was forgetting how to laugh. It became important for me to take back the humor side of my life. There is really no one better to laugh at than yourself. This takes me off any pedestals my career has lifted me up on. 
How long did you work on this novel before you published it? 
Bad Luck Cadet was published as a serial novel on No Quarter USA magazine. I wrote at least a chapter a week and sometimes was successful in getting two finished. BLC took me about five months to write from beginning to end. 
Have you written other crime novels? If so what are they? If not, do you have plans to? I wrote the true crime story of my first homicide, which happened to my neighbors the day after I became a detective. It was my first lead case. I have not published the novel because it is truly horrifying; I just needed to get things down on paper. Maybe someday it will see light. I worked a serial killer case with my Sergeant and we solved three homicides and put the monster away. I?ve written the first chapter and I?m itching to write more. Coming soon? 
Using a character from your book ? Please tell me about your book 
I am twenty-one years old and finally living my dream to become a police officer. There is this crazy lady in the academy who is forty-five. She?s smart but doesn?t seem to be able to keep her mouth shut. I learned that lesson fast. Maybe if I help her out she could help me study for the weekly tests I?m struggling with. We?re becoming friends and she?s nicknamed me P-Rod which has caught on with the rest of the class. I?m the baby but she?s definitely the old lady. Like I said, ?She?s crazy!? 
Story Blurb from back of book:  
A broken hip and a mid-life crisis landed Suzie Ivy in the police academy. The Bad Luck Cadet is Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, from Full Metal Jacket, training both Thelma and Louise wrapped up in one five foot three inch package. The test of wills begins, but who will survive?

Author Bio: 
I’m a police detective in a small Arizona town. I write about becoming a police officer in my 40’s. Join my adventures as I laugh and sometimes cry over my own antics. I’m also a grandmother who has been dubbed Princess Cop. Some days my tiara is crooked. I post Stories from Small Town on my blog. They are the stories which happen in between the Bad Luck books.
How can readers buy your books and find out more about you? 

This book is for mature audiences and does contain adult material which can include profanity, sexual content and violence.
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