Introducing the Pleasure Your Fantasies Series

On November 15, 2017, Mistletoe Fantasies will be released. It’s the first book in the 6 book series: Pleasure Your Fantasies.? This series is a spin-off from the Celebration Series and was originally developed while writing Raffles to Rattles when Sophia Thayer had a part-time job as an exotic dancer at the Pleasure Your Fantasies Gentlemen’s Club in the nearby town of Middletown.? When I was writing Raffles to Rattles, Sophia and Quinn Monroe had a scene together, I instantly fell in love with Quinn’s character and knew that he would need his own book. Since The Celebration Series was already developed and the rest of the books were planned out, Quinn became the star of his very own new series.

While the Celebration Series does contained language, the sexual relationships between the characters are kept behind closed doors, allow readers who love romance, but not blatant sex scenes to enjoy the holiday romances. In this new series, the bedroom doors are open, and the sensuality is cracked up a few degrees.

The Celebration Series also contains 13 books, mostly ranging between 33K and 52K in length, and the new series will consist of all full length novels, after the first one: Mistletoe Fantasies. Mistletoe is approximately 33K in length and introduces you to the characters and the setting of the series. It will also give you a few peeks into some upcoming suspense and you’ll know that not everything will be as it seems.

I am so very excited about this new series, and can not wait for it to release. While I do not have a firm publishing schedule, I do know that the next five books will be released starting after February 2018.

The series will include:

Mistletoe Fantasies (Wallie), Whispered Fantasies (Butch), Masked Fantasies (Wayne), Tormented Fantasies (Lucas), Veiled Fantasies (Ty) & Embattled Fantasies (Quinn).

Mistletoe Fantasies

Pleasure Your Fantasies Series: Book 1

Reba St. James would prefer to serve the drinks or play hostess to the businessmen and their guests at Pleasure Your Fantasies, the gentlemen?s club where she?s employed. Unfortunately, when she needs extra money to pay off an urgent debt, the only position that pays her enough is dancing on stage with barely anything on.

Wallie has been a body guard at the club since it opened four years ago, and over the last year he?s developed quite a crush on Ms. Reba. He might have thought he had a chance with her, except the club has a strict rule: No dating between guards and dancers.

When the attraction between Wallie and Reba reaches undeniable levels, Reba is ready to walk away from dancing altogether and try to find another way to help pay the bills, but when a final notice shows up, she?s forced to go from part-time dancing to full-time, and any chance of a relationship between them is put on hold.

Everything changes on Christmas Eve when Reba and another dancer get into a fight, and Reba is let go from the club. Will Reba lose everything, or will Reba and Wallie get more for the holidays than just their Mistletoe Fantasies?

Mistletoe Fantasies is the first book in the six book: Pleasure Your Fantasies Series that spins off of The Celebration Series.

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