It’s getting Twisted Here!

It is always exciting when a new book publishes, but it’s super exciting when a co-written book that has been eight months in the making is finally released!!

Love Inked is NOW AVAILABLE!

This series is super intense, crazy twisted, hot as all get out, and will keep you gripping the edge of your seat to find out what happens with these two detectives!

Oh boy, fasten your seat belts and go on a wild ride with Kali Mann and Evie Harper!! ~ Patti, Reader

This book is full of suspense, intrigue and action. It will keep you gripped and on the edge of your seat. ~ Lynn, Readers

Kali and Evie are yin and yang, sweet and spicy, light and dark. Their partnership started out rocky but as they work together they find that they complement each other. ~ Gina, Reader

Fast paced, drama, suspense, romance and danger. ~ Linda, Reader

Detective Kali Mann returns from leave to find a new partner assignment. Not only is she bitter about recent events, but she?s irritated to be saddled with the model-beautiful rookie detective Evelyn Harper. What?s worse, Evie doesn?t just want to be partners?she?s striving to make them friends.

Another brutal Serial Killer is in town, and Evie finds that she has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to her new partner. Evie is not deterred, in fact, she?s determined to fit in and earn Kali?s respect, and maybe calm the waters between Kali and Detective Sergeant Greg Shavers in the process.

As Kali and Evie find their footing and search for clues to the recent murder, an explosion rocks their police family, and Kali and Evie team up with others to find the culprits responsible.

An action-packed full-length novel that takes you through the streets of Philly as you ride-along with Detectives Kali Mann and Evie Harper while they deal with crime, tragedy, and new romances.

The Twisted Love Series:
The Series consists of nine stories overall. Two novellas start the series: Love Lorn (Manemann) and Love Torn (Eaton), and four full-length novels co-written between the two authors. The four full-length novels are action-packed as Evie and Kali find a way to work together and solve a series of brutal murders, while investigation other cases along the way. While the books are stand-alone, reading them in order will give you the best understanding of what is happening as the serial murder case will last through all four full-length novels. The series will end with three more books that will be announced later.

Love Lorn, Book 1, written by Manemann
Love Torn, Book 2, written by Eaton
Love Inked, Book 3, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (releasing Jan 3, 2019)
Love Drowned, Book 4, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (releasing Mid 2019)
Love Carved, Book 5, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (Late 2019)
Love Trapped, Book 6, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (2020)