It’s My Birthday and it’s time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to me!

For those of you who are looking at the numbers on the cake – No, I am not that old!? 1-3-8 is a combination of 3 birthdays.? My two best friends, Amy and Kristin are also June babies and a couple years ago we actually all got to celebrate together. I figured instead of putting a ton of candles on the cake – I would put the 1 for Amy for June 1st, the 13 is for me and the 18 is for Kristin!? It worked out really well!

What’s really cool is that since I knew I was going to release Distorted Loyalty on my birthday, okay I released it a day early, I decided to dedicate this book to my two best friends, my Gemini Justice Sisters, the ones who I miss on a daily basis when I can’t see them, and miss them more than they will every know. So for their birthday’s they get copies of my books, signed of course, right under the dedication to them.

For everyone else – I have a HUGE present for you!!!? Yes, I know – it’s my birthday and I am supposed to be getting presents, but I’m a giver and I much prefer to give than receive, so here is your present!

Every one of my single books are on sale for $0.99 for Friday June 13th and Saturday June 14th!!!? Yep – all of my single books, my multi packs are on sale too, but not quite that low.

There is one thing I’d love to have for my birthday from all of you, okay, wait… two! First, can you share my birthday post so I can get the word out about all my books being on sale? And Second, and this is the most important and special gift you can give me, or any author for that matter. After you read the book, if you enjoy it, can you post a review?? You could?? OMG! Thank you!!! This is the best birthday ever, and it’s not just because it’s a Friday the 13th or because it’s a full moon today!!! It’s because I have incredible readers – and I thank you for the bottom of my heart!

Stacy – Amy – Kristin

Don’t forget all my books are on sale for $0.99 through June 14th!! Don’t miss out!

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