James P Wilcox talks about Uniting the WLC Community

Guest post from author James P. Wilcox

Member of the WLC
Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

In the early weeks of September, 2011, I happened to notice a tweet from Melissa Foster asking for authors interested in teaming up with her in a book promotion.  At the time, I really didn?t know much about Melissa Foster.  I knew she was an author and that she had helped me figure out what hash-tags on tweeter were, but other than that, she was mostly just a name I consistently noticed scrolling down the tweeter feed.  Well, I quickly responded that I would be interested, although I didn?t really know what I was getting into because I had never participated in a book promotion, but figured I had nothing to lose.  Needless to say, that one little tweet, that one 140 character message, was the start of something special. 
After getting my tweet reply, I quickly received an email from Melissa filling me in on the requirements and expectations of authors participating in the promotion and then we got to work.  Once she got commitments from 35 different authors to participate in the promotion, she set up a Facebook page where we could introduce ourselves, communicate with one another, bounce ideas off one another, and celebrate our collective successes together.  I don?t know how Melissa managed to pull it off, but she was able to find 35 different authors who were all willing to work together and promote each other individually as well as collectively.  Although not everything ran as smoothly as we would have liked, Melissa was able to hold the group together, guide us through the process, put out every fire that arose, and helped mold the group from a collection of 35 individuals, into a group of friends who are interested in everyone?s success, not just our own individual success.
Needless to say, the book promotion/book launch for Melissa?s third novel Come Back to Me was a resounding success and one that I was simply blessed to be a part of.  Melissa made the experience wonderful because she is so willing to share of her expertise, her knowledge, and of herself.  The thing that made being in this group so special is the fact that Melissa was more interested in the groups? success than her own.  In the weeks leading up to the book launch, Melissa taught me how to promote my books, using Facebook, Google+, and Tweeter.  She taught me effective ways to use social media, talked with me about me cover designs, offered advice on finding editors, and helped find readers to review me novels.  In the weeks I got to work with Melissa in the weeks leading up to the book promotion, I not only found someone willing to mentor me as I navigate the book publishing world, but I also found a great friend.
As the promotion ended, I was exhilarated because it was so successful, but I was also a little sad.  I was afraid that the tremendous authors in our group where about to go our separate ways and that Melissa would move on to bigger and better book promos.  This fear was simply unfounded because Melissa was able to bring us together as members of the Women?s Literary Caf?.   Again, I didn?t know what I was getting into as a member of the WLC, but I figured I didn?t have anything to lose.  Little did I know that Melissa had built a site that would give readers and writers an opportunity to come together and share interviews, reviews, discussions, and insights.  The WLC also offers authors a place to find information about promotions, cover designs, editing services, and everything else an author needs to become a ?successful? indie author.  As the creator and driving force behind The WLC, Melissa has developed a more streamlined way to share her knowledge and serve as a mentor, not only to me, but to countless authors struggling to find their way in the literary world today.
I am truly humbled to call Melissa Foster a mentor and, more importantly, a friend.  She has been supportive of my writing, my novels, and my work as an author.  She has been there to offer advice, make suggestions, give me pep talks, and bring me back down to earth.  There is simply no way I could ever repay Melissa for everything she has been for me in the past four months and I wouldn?t be where I am today without her.  Melissa is one of those wonderful human beings who are willing to give of herself, simply because she thinks it is the right thing to do.  I am honored to work with Melissa and I wish her continued success in everything she decides to do in life.  
Thanks for everything Melissa!
James ~ Since the day I met you, you have been there as a constant! Always trying to help others and learn! You have become a great friend and I am so happy you are with us!  Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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