Heroes to Swoon For – Author Jennifer St Giles

Heroes to Swoon For

Author Jennifer St. Giles

SE: Jennifer – It has been a pleasure to work with you on this box set! Have you ever been part of a box set before?

JS: I have novella and a short very sexy story in a small boxed with two of my best writing friends called Tonight and Forever Magical Romances. They are the first two sensual stories from a magical place where fantasies, take flight, dreams come true and happy endings are found.

SE: That looks great and sounds very spicy! How did you get involved in this set?

I got involved in Magical Romances over champagne and Godivas. With Heroes to Swoon For ?I received an internet offer I couldn’t refuse.

SE: What did you think of the process – or what was your favorite part of the process?

JS: My favorite part of doing the Magical Romances boxed set is the same as being part of Heroes to Swoon For and with having become an Independent author: The blessed freedom of being able to be in charge of our own careers instead of helpless puppets dangling on strings.

SE: That is so totally true! Tell us about your book that is in our box set:

I was in the midst of writing dark gothic historicals and fast paced paranormal thrillers and wanted to write something a little lighter. I never get completely away from suspense, but I wanted to have fun with sexy and southern and show just how erotic a healthy relationship between a man and a woman can be. To love and to be love is the greatest gift and need that can ever be given or filled. Wild Irish Ride–my bride on the run story– originally had photographs of the hero and heroine throughout the book in different scenes.? I thought back in 2010 with the coming of the digital format for books, the new “graphic novel” would take off. So Dayna Linton from NovelsAlive.TV and Photographer Annette Batista collaborated with me. It didn’t go anywhere at that time, but I haven’t lost hope on that idea and look forward to doing it again in the future when I have the money to make it happen.

Jennifer St. Giles Bio

USA Today Bestselling Author Jennifer St. Giles also writes under the pseudonyms of Jennifer Saints and JL Saint. From paranormal to historical, from sexy humor to thrilling suspense, she loves writing stories about love finding a way no matter what obstacles her heroes and heroines face. She is a nurse and mother of three. Throughout her writing journey, she has won a number of awards for writing excellence including, two National Reader?s Choice Awards, two time Maggie Award Winner, Daphne du Maurier Award winner, Romance Writers? of America?s Golden Heart Award, along with RT Book Club?s Reviewer?s Choice Award for Best Gothic/Mystery. For a list of books and excerpts please see her website jenniferstgiles.com.

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Website: Jenniferstgiles.com

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Amazon Author Page: Amazon.com: Jennifer St. Giles: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

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