Karen Baney talks about Uniting the WLC Community

Guest post from author Karen Baney

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Just before I met Melissa Foster online, I was beginning to figure out a few things on how to better market my novels.  Twitter and blogging were new to me, but things were starting to click.
Then, I met Melissa.  I think I contacted her about doing some inexpensive advertising on one of the websites she manages.  I finally had some money?not much, just some?coming in from my book sales, so I thought it was about time to pay for something.
Next thing I knew, everything changes.  With a simple little question from her (would you like to be in my book launch promotion?), my marketing world expanded tenfold.
During the month leading up to the launch, I learned a ton.  Melissa hosted a video chat where she talked about her experiences with marketing.  What worked for her.  What didn?t.  She also shared information with us on a group forum.
What I appreciated the most was that Melissa and the WLC fostered a sense of community and knowledge sharing among the participating authors.  I learned from other authors and I got share about the things that working for me.  For the first time since I started this writing journey, I finally had a sounding board of other authors to bounce ideas off of.
Then I started giving back.  I started blogging about some of the things I was learning.  One article I wrote (How To Double Your Sales), which detailed my experience for the two months prior to the launch and the month during the launch, caught the attention of a lot of authors.  People were asking me questions.  Crazy!  But, I was happy to share.
Not only did I gain a ton of exposure through WLC and increased sales (245%), but I also made friendships and became a part of a community of authors who love helping others.  It has been a wonderful experience?one that I encourage all authors to consider.


 Author Karen Baney

Karen ~ I too find it amazing when people come to me and ask questions and want help – but that is what the WLC is all about – helping others.  So glad you are part of our group! Thank you for all that you have done – keep passing it on!  Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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