Keith Weaver talks about Uniting the WLC Community

Guest post from author Keith Weaver

Member of the WLC
So, I am pleased to present this guest post today to celebrate not myself or my work, but rather the support of the Women?s Literary Caf?.  The WLC was the brainchild of author Melissa Foster.  I followed Melissa on Twitter for some time, but never really had any interactions with her.  Then one day I saw her tweet about looking for authors to join a launch party of her new book, ?Come Back toMe.?  I was thrilled to join the group and be a part of something like that.

I was and still am relatively new to the author game.  I haven?t been around that long or had a lot of exposure to marketing and social media.  After seeing Melissa tweet about the WLC many times, I finally got up the nerve to send her a message and ask her what I thought was probably a silly question, ?Is the WLC for women only??  Her kind and pleasant response was of course not, come aboard.  Naturally, I did and the rest is history.

The Women?s Literary Caf? is more than just a site that promotes authors and books.  There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes.  The authors are constantly talking and discussing topics in forums, and always looking for that next great event.  If you visit the site, you can see that they offer many promotions for authors, bloggers and readers alike, it truly is the playground of the literary world!

My personal experiences with the group have been amazing to say the least!  I have gotten to know so many great people through the network, and it has grown into the biggest support group you could even imagine.  For example, pretend you have something important you want to tweet out to your followers, now imagine dozens of others tweeting that same thing out for you to 10?s of thousands of followers!!!  I recently decided to try my hand at the KDP Select program to see how that works.  I ran my first free book promotion recently, and my fantasy novel which hasn?t been out long or gained a lot of exposure yet hit #8 on the top 100 free epic fantasy books on Amazon due to the support of this network.  I could go on and on with numbers, but I think the point has been made.

Maybe the best thing about the WLC is the friendships that have been made there.  It?s about more than just supporting the works of others, but rather also just supporting others.  I was able to attend a book signing and meet someone from the WLC that lived close to me; it was a great experience and was absolutely my pleasure to do.  We talk freely almost daily about many things; personal lives, celebrating triumphs or even lending supporting ears and voices to someone in need.  So when I say support group, I pretty much hit the mark with that statement. 

Last but not least, the WLC is a group that conducts itself with dignity and ethics.  The WLC is about honest promoting and connecting with readers on a more personal level.  The members of this group are terrific, and you couldn?t ask for a better bunch.  They also handle things internally, so you won?t see any nonsense when you visit the WLC, just the celebration of books and those who love them!

Now that you?ve heard all of that, come on over and visit, you won?t be disappointed I can attest to that!
 Author Keith Weaver
Keith ~ I wonderful post! I am so glad that you have gotten so much out of the WLC, and like you I treasure those friendships greatly! You are always there to lend and hand and put your 2 cents in about something – Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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