Liveon – No Evil

Liveon ~ No Evil


This book is currently only available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited at this time


Jacquelyn Liveon is a small time detective who loves her job, but hates attention. When she steps in front of heart throb silver screen actor, Ryan Palmer, to stop a gun man, she finds herself dangling in to the public spot light. Ryan can?t believe a woman would save him and not want more from his glamorous life. Could the words ?I Fear No Evil? that are printed on her shirt be more correct than he thought?

When Jacquelyn goes undercover, she gets submerged into a world she never wanted to understand. How does she deal with the threats against Ryan? What happens with a major event flips the movie set upside down and injures people that they care about?

Join Jacquelyn and Ryan as they act out the relationship for the assignment, and find out if they can survive the secrets, the threats and the explosive relationship that burns behind the scenes.

You can read chapter 1 here: Chapter 1

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