Loving A Young Series

The Loving a Winston Series is a five-book, steamy adult romance series spins off the six-book Loving a Young Series. Characters from both series will appear from book to book. Each book is a standalone romance with bits of suspense.

Wesley, Book 1

An overprotective mother, an injured child, and a handsome doctor. Can an accident create a family?

Charlotte Bennett is not a fan of strangers. She reacts without listening when she sees a man touching her daughter at the park. It’s only later when her daughter is rushed to the hospital, that Charlotte realizes how wrong she had been to accuse the stranger of inappropriate behavior.

Doctor Wesley Young only wanted to help the tender-aged girl he witnessed fall, but when her mother attacks him at the park, he’s left stunned. When little Marisol arrives in the emergency department, the mother makes more of an impression on him than the cut she left on his face.

Things heat up quickly when Marisol is no longer Wes’s patient, but when traumatic things from Charlotte’s past are revealed, Wes isn’t sure that Charlotte is the woman for him. Can Charlotte find a way to explain it all so that Wes will accept both her and her daughter?

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Henley, Book 2

Ever the optimist, Roxy is excited about the future, but when she finds out about the sexy Paramedic’s past, can you get over it?

Being a wedding planner is hard, especially when someone always tries to steal your business, and your family doesn’t support you. However, Roxanne Novak is determined to keep her business afloat—no matter what. When Roxy is in a car accident hurrying to meet a potential bride, she’s injured and scared, but paramedic Henley Young takes excellent care of her.

Henley loves his job and thrives on the adrenaline of helping people in need. Maybe that’s why when he meets Roxy, he’s inclined to help her with more than just medical care. Hooking her up with his older brother Wesley and his bride-to-be could be just what she needs. It might also be the start of something between Henley and the spunky little wedding planner.

With a surprise job offer Roxy, she finds herself rethinking her entire business plan. Excited at the prospect and another chance, Roxy and Henley begin making plans. After Roxy accidentally learns of Henley’s past relationship, everything she knew about him is questioned.

Can Roxy and Henley put the past to bed and move forward to something that might be more than what either had ever hoped for?

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Huntley, Book 3

When Daniella’s life is threatened again, can she pull herself out of her fictional world long enough to see the truth?

Daniella Knight works hard to create suspenseful and romantic tales, but she shutters herself from the world after a violent interaction with a fan. When her house catches on fire, she and her protection dog, Tigger, are forced to rely on the help of strangers.

Huntley Young loves being in the thick of the action—especially if that action has something to do with his job as a firefighter. When Huntley stops the homeowner from returning inside the house, he has no clue that he just placed himself firmly in the hero department of her latest book.

As Hunt and Daniella get to know each other, Daniella’s creative mind sometimes has trouble separating reality and fiction. When danger strikes again, will Daniella be able to see what is right in front of her, or will her past trauma protect her while hiding inside her romantic fictional world?

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Riley, Book 4

Will Riley finally admit that she’s in love with Ethan, or will she lose him forever?

Riley is always the life of the party, and Ethan is there to pick her up and keep her together. He knows her almost as well as she knows herself, and he knows she will never love him as he does her.

Now Ethan wants more out of life and love, but Riley continues to deny her feelings and insists they are only friends with benefits. When a training opportunity comes up that will get Ethan out of town for months, he jumps on it—finally, a way to get over Riley and move on.

With Ethan gone and a new guy in her life, Riley deals with several emotional issues without the help of her best friend. A family emergency has Ethan feeling lost without Riley to lean on, but he refuses to go to her and seeks solace with another.

Will Riley make the right choices and finally admit how she feels, or will she find herself alone and falling further down the rabbit hole?

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Kayley, Book 5

When Kayley falls for a younger man, can she learn to accept her feelings, or will she lose something she didn’t even know she wanted?

Kayley Young’s life is about to undergo a few profound changes. Independent Kayley Young is a real estate agent in New York and loves her life as a single woman. She’s not one to get tied down and leaves the baby-making to her siblings.

Officer Cameron Sexton is new on the job, a veteran of the military, and proud of his dedication to the job. Unfortunately, he finds himself annoyed at his lackadaisical sergeant, who should hang up his gun belt before getting someone hurt. When Cameron is dispatched to a burglary, he meets Kayley Young and is instantly attracted to her. Cameron has a feeling she reciprocates those feelings, except she’s a little leery that he is ten years younger than her.

When Kayley’s life starts taking a turn for the worst, she depends more on the attractive young man she has let into her bed for fun than she intended. Her original thought of enjoying the moment starts to last longer, but Kayley’s not sure that dating a man ten years her junior is wise for the long haul. Especially with the rest of the changes that have happened in her life. Can Kayley come to terms with the age difference, or will her family sway her away from the younger man?

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Bradley, Book 6

Bradley is set in his ways, but when his sister asks for him to help her friend, he finds more than he bargained for.

Bradley Young is the eldest sibling of the Young family and the only one previously married. After losing his wife to cancer, he’s used to caring for his two kids alone. The thought of dating is not something he’s interested in, not with a busy construction business and a family that always needs help.

Nolan Nickels needed a change, and with the help of her good friend, Kayley, she left New York and came to Millerstown to take a teaching position at the middle school. She has always been a tomboy and loves to fix things with her hands and play sports.

With a new house in her name, Nolan seeks out the perfect plan to get the house ready so she can bring her two daughters home, but is her fixer-upper more than she bargained for?

When Kayley finally gets Brad to stop by the house to check something, Brad finds himself more than intrigued with the spitfire, Nolan. Will he finally find the woman to spend his life with, or will she close the door on any future?

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