My Blood Runs Blue Release Dates

So many exciting things are going on right now! My Blood Runs Blue is now with my editor and Blue Blood For Life will be in her hands in a matter of hours!!

New Cover 2013

New Cover 2013

A week ago, I made a very hard decision and pulled My Blood Runs Blue and Blue Blood For Life off the shelves. Those were my two best selling books, so the decision was a rough one, but I cringed with every new download. Now that I made the decision to release the first two and publish the second two, I couldn’t let another copy of the old – totally edited wrong – version remain on the shelves!

I have been working with Colleen, my editor, and we have decided on the following schedule for release:

My Blood Runs Blue – October 2014

Blue Blood For Life – December 2014

Mixing the Blue Blood – February 2015

Blue Blood’s Final Destiny – April 2015

I am so very excited to have the timeline and know that this series will be so much better with the improvements that I have made! I hope you are just as excited!

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