My Thanks…

On November 21st and 22nd, I put Whether I’ll Live or Die out FREE on Amazon.? During that time, I had hundred’s of people tweet, share, email and post about it – Because of you – I gave away 8,271 copies of my book! I can not thank you enough for helping me to get the word out!

Major thanks go to all the members of the WLC Tweet Teams (World Literary Cafe) who helped to spread the word. Not only those members, but other people on Twitter who re-tweeted my tweets and people who shared my posts on Facebook. The last two days were very exciting to me. I watched my book climb the charts in the Free Category and ended up hitting #21 in the Top 100 Free Kindle Books!? That was awesome! I also hit some #1 spots in different category’s like:

#1 in Kindle>eBooks>Nonfiction > Advice & How-to > Parenting & Families > Family Relationships > Dysfunctional Relationships
#1 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fiction > Genre Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers > Police Procedurals

Not only did I hit the high spots here in the US, but I hit #127 on the UK charts and ranked in many similar categories as I did in the US. Even Germany and France jumped on the band wagon and put me on the charts. To know that I reached people that far is a wonderful feeling, because abuse doesn’t just happen here in the United States.

This book has some very important means and lessons for life in it and the more people I can reach, maybe the more I can help someone not be a victim of domestic violence.? I am in awe of the reviews I have gotten and humbled by the words that people have said to me personally or written to me.

My sincerest thanks go out to all of you for all that you did for me and for becoming my friends and fans!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate it and Happy Holidays to everyone!