Naty Matos talks about Uniting the WLC Community

Guest post from author Naty Matos  

Member of the WLC
My Guardian Angel

Twitter has been a tool of blessing for me. I?ve meet a lot of friends and authors through it that have made a great difference in my life. One of them and one of the most important is Melissa Foster. You could never tell what a great and successful writer Melissa is just by interacting with her. She is very humble, energetic, authentic and friendly. The more you get to know Melissa you realize she has a heart for new authors, which to me was the answer prayer of an indie author that knew nothing about the business and nobody to hold my hand through the process.
Melissa has created a group called Women?s Literary Caf? (that is not only for women and includes many great male authors as well). This group has been an avenue for many indie authors to obtain exposure and achieve their dreams in the book world.
When I published my first book ?Growth Lessons? in October I didn?t know any other writers. I had met a few of them online but not close enough to feel comfortable to ask questions that could help me succeed. Melissa is available, honest and helpful. I call her my guardian angel. Being in what I called a specialized genre (Christian writing), she placed me in contact with a group of Christian writers emerging. Both Melissa and the group have been very helpful and sensitive to my needs. It?s like a big family working together. It?s hard to put into words everything I?ve learned about promotion marketing, the business of being an author, social media, Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook and how much I have grown professionally in such a short time.
To top that off, I?ve had the pleasure to read two of Melissa?s books, ?Megan?s Way? and ?Come Back to Me?. I wrote reviews for them, so I?m also a fan of her books which really moved all my emotions.
  Author Naty Matos
Naty ~ I am so glad that you found Melissa and are now a part of the group. I don’t know you very well, but I sure do look forward to doing that!  Thank you!    ~ Stacy
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