Nicholas Masserman Sexy Character from The Apple Tree joins us today!

Please welcome character?
Nicholas Masserman
to our blog today!
He is the star of the book The Apple Tree
Created by Lynette Sofras
I’m a lucky girl… I just gotta throw that in there. As I’m sitting here waiting for my next guest to arrive, I stand looking out the window and holy cow!? This amazing blue Lamborghini pulls up out front. Now some woman aren’t into cars, but I am! So when this freaking hunk steps out of the car, I don’t know which one to look at more closely!!? Reminding myself I am a professional, I step away from the window and wait for him to come in.?
Welcome Nicholas! So glad you could join us! Nice car by the way.? Let’s get started and tell me about this book you star in!

When I first saw Dr Juliet Sommerville in a friend?s garden center, she immediately intrigued me and I could see the interest was mutual.?
lol… I love when that happens…. Immediate chemistry!?
She mistook me for someone who worked there and I found her error amusing and delightful.? I should have set her straight from the outset, told her I was a rather high powered business man, not a humble gardener; but I couldn?t resist going along with the deception.?
Funny and kind of wicked… lol…

It seemed harmless enough and it provided me with a great excuse to see her again.? But deceiving her was my first mistake.? And sadly not my last.

Oh boy….
What I couldn?t know then was that she wasn?t the only one to be deceived.? The idyllic weeks that followed were the best of my life.? We were inseparable.?? I thought I?d found my soul mate; she was everything I ever wanted, or so I thought.? That was before I discovered she was aka Juliet Gardiner ? Mrs!? In my anger, I sent her away ? refused to listen to her explanations.? I thought I knew myself.? But the pain of that discovery, not to mention the torment that followed it, was enough to change my life.? I had a lot of growing up to do that summer.
Growing up isn’t always bad…
Juliet disappeared after an argument and I thought I?d lost her forever.? The hole she left in my life was too painful to describe.? Then in late summer, she reappeared, but with another man hot on her heels and she, too, had changed.? She?d experienced a life-changing trauma and I hardly knew her anymore.? Had our springtime romance meant so little to her?? Once we?d shared everything, now we couldn?t even share a full sentence.? We were like strangers.? Was there any way I could rekindle our springtime romance and prove myself worthy of her?
Sounds very intriguing!? Let me ask you a few more questions…
We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?
She should have given me a voice.? Instead she chose to write entirely from Juliet?s POV, while I stood around in silent anguish wanting to tell MY story!
If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been???
No one knows the torment I went through the night Juliet left and I really think they should.? Seeing events from Juliet?s eyes only made me look heartless.? I should have been able to put my point of view across.
What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least??
I like to think I?m a good person and a loyal friend.? Other than that, I?m just an ordinary bloke.? I know I?m stubborn.? I thought my head ruled my heart and that I could rationalise love.? I really believed I knew myself and had to learn my lesson the hard way.
What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?? ?
After the summer, when Juliet returned, we found ourselves often being thrown into each other?s path and it was quite painful at times.? You see we both had entirely the wrong idea about each other and just couldn?t communicate properly.? All my instincts told me to take her in my arms and tell her my true feelings – and trying to justify why I couldn?t just do that was not easy for either of us.
Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book. If not, do you wish you could continue your story???
No sequel planned but I have been keeping an eye on reader?s comments and I know some of them want to hear more about us.? At the moment, Juliet and I are busy planning the wedding and I plan to surprise her with the most romantic honeymoon imaginable; perhaps afterwards I might insist on a sequel ? but this time from MY point of view!
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