Party Time is Here!

Over the last month you have probably seen a whole lot of #99centBookEvent tweets along with a whole lot of chatter about a great Launch Party that was coming your way! There is this incredible group of authors that have been marketing and promoting an event that is going to the take the world by storm – 

Well guess what??? It’s just about here!!!

So are you ready to help us launch a new book?  
To be a part of a monumental moment!!! 

On November 1st 
(that’s tomorrow everyone) 
We will be bringing to you an awesome event! 
Congratulations to 
Melissa Foster 
on the launch of 
Come Back to Me

Now – visit this website and find out how you can be a part of this incredible launch part!
Load up your Kindle with books from over 30 authors for just the price of $0.99 each!!  
There you can also find out a bit about the authors – about the books – and about how you can enter the incredible giveaways that we have offered!!  

Please make sure you share this event with everyone!  
Your friends, co-workers, family even your pet sitter! 
This event will lasts for 3 whole days!
November 1st – November 3rd!

The WoMen?s Literary Caf? (welcoming both men and women) is an extension of the
The Women?s Nest.   Bridging the gap between writers and readers 
with the sole mission of promoting great literature, 
the WoMen?s Literary Caf? is ?Where readers and authors unite!?