The Pleasure Your Fantasies Series

Mistletoe Fantasies: Book 1

Reba St. James would prefer to serve the drinks or play hostess to the businessmen and their guests at Pleasure Your Fantasies, the gentlemen’s club where she’s employed. Unfortunately, when she needs extra money to pay off an urgent debt, the only position that pays her enough is dancing on stage with barely anything on.

Wallie has been a bodyguard at the club since it opened four years ago, and over the last year, he’s developed quite a crush on Ms. Reba. He might have thought he had a chance with her, except the club has a strict rule: No dating between guards and dancers.

When the attraction between Wallie and Reba reaches undeniable levels, Reba is ready to walk away from dancing altogether and try to find another way to help pay the bills, but when a final notice shows up, she’s forced to go from part-time dancing to full-time, and any chance of a relationship between them is put on hold.

Everything changes on Christmas Eve when Reba and another dancer get into a fight, and Reba is let go from the club. Will Reba lose everything, or will Reba and Wallie get more for the holidays than just their Mistletoe Fantasies?

Whispered Fantasies: Book 2

Butch Fiorello has been the head of technology and security at the Pleasure Your Fantasies Gentlemen’s Club for a few years and loves being hidden behind the scenes where he can see and hear all-well, almost.

Raquel Cullen, better known as Rocky, just joined the club as their new fitness instructor. She’s thrilled with the position and that she can finally train people who are serious about fitness. If only she didn’t have to deal with the constant pick-up lines from the rich clients.

When a client is killed shortly after he hits on Rocky, she becomes the number one suspect. Butch and Rocky work together to find out who hacked his security system and try to figure out why they want to pin the murder on her.

When family secrets are revealed, the two of them learn they are more alike than their IQs. Despite their attraction, Rocky and Butch find themselves quickly at a crossroads, and the wrong direction could destroy any chance for them or a future.

Secret Fantasies: Book 3

When a Halloween Hayride goes completely awry, Doctor Heather Downey and her son are thrown into a confusing mystery that has something to do with her deceased husband and the case he was working on when he was killed two years before.

Even though Colin Holt is a seasoned officer, he’s new to the department and draws the short straw to be security at the local Haunted Attractions. When a young boy goes missing, Colin jumps all in to help Heather Downey figure out what’s going on.

Colin will enlist the help of his good friend Nick, and they will all seek refuge under Butch’s roof with the ever-watchful A.I. Grace and the rest of the Pleasure Your Fantasies gang in a suspenseful and sexy story.

Conflicted Fantasies, Book 4

When Nick’s sister Sarah shows up on his doorstep with a beautiful and mysterious woman who needs help, who is he to say no?

Katrina Carlisi knows a few things about her ex-boyfriend, but none are good. With evidence that could convict him, he is intent on locating her and doesn’t care who gets in his way.

Nick thinks watching after Katrina will be easy, but when someone dies and connections to the Chicago mafia are discovered, Nick and Rocky are on edge as they realize this is worse than expected. Add ties to the Columbian cartel, and you have a mixture of bad and even worse news.

Now, the gang is pulling together to try and stop it and figure out a way to get Katrina out of the mess she is in without getting them all killed.

A former friend steps in when least expected and a strong presence could be destroyed forever. Can the Pleasure Your Fantasies gang figure out how to save Katrina’s life without destroying their own?

Returning Fantasies, Book 5

Will he find a way to get back?

The last thing Butch ever wanted to do was go back to his mafia family in New York after he faked his death as a teenager. However, to protect Raquel Cullen, he stepped up and returned to the Genovese family. Now we get to see what he has been doing all this time.

When Nick comes to work for him, will Butch be able to survive the investigation that is underway against his family, or will Nick give away more than he should to the authorities and bring Butch down with the rest of them?

Can Butch find a way to get back to Rocky before she moves on, or will he be stuck living his life as the grandson of the mafia boss of Manhattan and serve time for his decision?

Discovered Fantasies, Book 6

When the truth is discovered, will his fantasy finally come true?

For years, Quinn Monroe lived with the guilt and loss of the woman he loved. He poured his heart and soul into his gentlemen’s club, Pleasure Your Fantasies. Now, Quinn is searching for talent for his soon-to-open ladies’ club, Dreaming Your Desires.

When Quinn’s path crosses with Maggie Lowenthal, an agent for a few of his prospective employees, Quinn’s love life will finally be rekindled.

Maggie Lowenthal is taken with the handsome and business-minded Quinn Monroe from the moment she stares into his eyes. Is it just a coincidence that her son Mitch has such similar eyes?

As Quinn and Maggie get to know one another, both feel an undeniable connection, but with Butch pushing to keep them apart, and Claude showing up when least expected, will it be possible for these two to survive the aftermath?