Rachel Pendleton is the star of “The Devil’s Game” and she talks to us!

Character Interview

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Please welcome character Rachel Pendleton to our blog today!
Rachel is the star of The Devil’s Game
We left Rachel’s creator S.L. Pierce home while we spoke with her! 
Rachel –  tell us about the book you star in –
My name is Rachel Pendleton and I am about to start my real life, as I like to call it.  I am about to finish graduate school and it looks like I might actually land my dream job as a designer at Mad Media Animation Studio.  I left the comforts of my family and the security of Coldcreek, the small town I grew up in, because I felt smothered. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of living the life of an artist in the big city.
Big cities can be fun and exciting! 
It?s been a long haul. My parents have been very patient. I think they were starting to wonder if perhaps dental hygienist would have been a better career choice.

That doesn’t sound as fun as a designer! 

There?s just one little hitch. From out of nowhere, some creeper has started leaving little gifts inside my locked apartment. Great, just what I needed. Is it someone I know? Is this person dangerous or just some lonely, pathetic dweeb desperate for attention? It?s impossible to stay focused. I can?t shake the feeling that someone is watching me.  
You just gave me the chills… 
And the worst part is, everyone I meet is starting to look suspicious.  People I’ve known for a long time suddenly look strange.  My brain is working overtime. It wants to scrutinize everything little thing they do or say. I don?t know what to do. I?m at my wits end, but one thing?s for sure. Whoever is doing this is not going to shred my future.  Running home to the safety of Coldcreek is not an option. 
Good for you!  
I just can?t stop that nagging feeling that things are going to get worse before they get better.
Oh… that’s not good!!!  It makes me very afraid for you!!! 
Answer a few questions for us Rachel.

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?
Well, it certainly would have been handy to be a black belt in Karate. Or even better, some super powers, like telepathy or super-sonic hearing would have been sweet. I would?ve been ten steps ahead of any intruder!
So.. you don’t have super powers.. yeah I can see how that could be handy! 

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?
There?s so much more to my story than this book has time to tell.  I?m not the kind of person who just does what they?re told and likes it. I?m unpredictable because I like to think it?s part of being unstoppable. If someone throws up a road block, you have to make your own alternative route or you get left behind.
That is very true… 

What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?
I?m proud of my work as an animator. I realize it may not be academy award worthy, but it honest and it?s true. And I feel grateful to have the chance to tell my story through art.
As far as what I like least about myself? Well, I do tend to procrastinate. It?s hard to create big things when you?re bogged down in tedious details. Unfortunately, keeping my focus on the forest means I bash into a few trees along the way.
lol…. I’ve hit my share of trees too! 

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?
Would you believe the details? The adventure I lived through had so many twists and turns, it was hard to keep track of them all. It was so important to tell my story accurately, my creators took great pains to make sure every detail was well thought out and intelligent.
I love twists and turns!!! 
Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book.  If not, do you wish you could continue your story?
By standing my ground, I?ve made some pretty powerful enemies. I have little doubt that they?ll be back to pay me a visit in the future. I?m smarter now, but will I be ready? Perhaps I?ll get started on that black belt.
That might be a good idea!!! Thank you so much for talking to us today!! I look forward to reading more about you in The Devil’s Game
Before you leave Rachel, 
can you tell us where to buy the book?

How can we connect with your creator to learn more?
Twitter: @piercebooks

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