Second Shield II: The Return – Update!

Second Shield II – The Return

Pre-Order will be available on June 5th – for the August 31st release

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I am so glad that everyone has enjoyed Second Shield so much. I know many of you were shocked with the cliff hanger, and I do apologize.? Every week I get at least one message from someone asking when Second Shield II will be out. And Finally – I can say I am working on it again. Dealing with a major concussion for 10 months has made writing very difficult for me, but finally the voices are coming back! Currently, I have about 20 chapters finished and I just edited those chapters and did some re-writes to them. From where I’m standing, I’m about half way through the book. If everything goes as plans (my fingers are crossed so tightly), then I should be done writing this in April 2016 and I will be able to release in sometime this summer!

To help you out a bit, I’ll share a tidbit of what’s going on in book 2.

You all know where the cliff hanger was left, and Mack is learning to deal with the situation. She wanted to tell Drew but he is having a really hard time with Annabelle and just when she gets the nerve up to tell him, he says he needs some time.? While Drew is dealing with Anna and his children, Mack is working with her unit as a serial killer comes to the area. Chris Carley, the FBI agent from the cabin is back, and his friendship with Mack might cause some problems. Jose is also back as a close friend to Mack and you’ll see some more old friends and meet some new ones. It’s when Drew finally returns that all hell will break loose on the case, and in their lives.? Mack and the gang are going to have to figure out the connection to the victims before she herself becomes one and Drew is going to have to come to terms with all the changes in his life.

The excitment of bringing the characters back to life!