Stacy Eaton bring the Celebrate the WLC to a close

Guest post from author Stacy S. Eaton
Drill Sgt for the WLC
In April of 2011, I published the first book in the “My Blood Runs Blue” series. While that was so exciting, I had no clue what to do next.  I did what most other new authors did, I jumped on Twitter and Facebook and I tried to tell people about my books.  

While, I was getting a few sales here and there, I was still having trouble reaching people. I started blogging, and started doing a few interviews when I could. I quickly found out that not only was Twitter a great tool, but I really enjoyed it.  I found myself making friends and learning a little bit each day of what I should be doing.

In October, I came across Melissa Foster.  She had re-tweeted some of my posts, and I soon started to watch her.  Little did I know, that she was also watching me. She was watching the way I spoke with people, watching the way I tried to market my book and how I tried as hard as I could to reach people.  The day that Melissa invited me into her “Come Back To Me” book Launch was the day that my life started to change. 

My second book in the series was just about to come out and Melissa pulled me in and introduced me to 35 other incredible and talented authors.  During the weeks before the event, we had our ups and downs.  You can’t be in a group of that many people and not have a few words spoken in frustration, but even through all that, we stuck together.

Melissa encouraged us to help one another, but like leading a horse to water, you can’t make them drink.  Of course, all of us were so thirsty that we emptied the buckets and she just kept filling them up. Ironically, all of the people that Melissa hand picked to be a part of the team, were people who not only wanted to succeed, but wanted to help others along the way. To this day, they still do. 

After the launch was over, Melissa and I stayed in close touch. In my eyes, she was the mentor I never had. I was able to ask her questions, get her opinion and I listened closely to her advice. Having someone to get guidance from who was honest and caring was an incredible thing and the friendship that we formed was even more important to me.

I see in Melissa, the things that I care most about.  Many people know that I am a Police Officer by trade and an author by choice, but it is working with the people that makes me do what I do.  In my job as a Police Officer, I help people. I care for people, I strive to make life easier for people in their darkest times. Being an author, I do some of the same, I give people some freedom from everyday life. For other authors… I give them my help. I would do anything for the people I have come to know as the “WLC crew” and everyday I am meeting more people and helping them too. 

That is one of the reasons I wanted to be a part of this group. I wanted to be there to help others.  I wanted to be able to offer my support, encourage them and help them grow like I have over these last four months.

So with the help of some other absolutely incredible volunteers, and you have met them here on my blog, we are building the WLC to be something incredible.  Something that every single one of us are proud of – and I can’t tell you how amazed and in awe I am of what we are building, and what Melissa has brought out to all of you.
So what do I do for the WLC? hmmm… Well I think my number one job is to keep Melissa from jumping off tall buildings and to keep her well stocked with M & M’s.  Speaking of which, I need to send you a new batch. My nick name in the WLC is the Drill Sgt, and I got that because I stay on top of things. I watch details and I keep my nose in things all the time. I am one of those intense people who will tell you how it is and how it needs to be, nicely of course, lol…   And I am one of the Elite Bloggers doing Character Interviews on the site three times a week.  

I am thankful for all that I get to do for the WLC and for all the incredible people that I have gotten to meet.  I am also extremely thankful for Melissa Foster. I am thankful for her taking me under her wing and helping me along. I am thankful for her continued guidance and for her ability to be able to do so much for so many people. But most of all… Melissa, I am thankful that you are you, and that I call you my friend.

 Author Stacy S. Eaton

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who shared their stories on my blog this month – and to all of those who visited and read about what we do and how we came to be part of this group. If you are an author, a reader, a blogger or anything else that is part of the literary world, I encourage you to join us at the WoMen’s Literary Cafe if you haven’t already!  See you there!
~ The Drill Sgt ~ Stacy ~
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