Blessings & Beans

Blessings & Beans

The Celebration Series, Book 12

?~ Just Released ~?

Hope Wells is a lifetime resident of Celebration Township and lives on
coffee fumes and love stories at her downtown store, Beans and Books. As
each one of her friends has found love, she?s been glad for them?and
secretly envious of their happiness. As much as she wants to find a man,
she knows that the odds are stacked against her, especially with the
medical issue she has kept hidden from everyone.

Aaron Findley
was born in Celebration but left when he was a boy. A few months back,
he returned after his mother passed away, and even the racecars he
drives couldn?t get him out of town fast enough. His sister, Alesandra
might enjoy the little podunk town, but he prefers the fast life: fast
cars, fast cities, and beautiful, flashy women.

Six weeks before
Thanksgiving, Aaron crashes his racecar and lands in the hospital in
serious condition. When he is discharged three weeks later, he finds
that he has fewer friends than he originally thought and a career that
went up in flames with his car. His only choice is to convalesce at his
sister?s house in Celebration. Grumpy and bored, Aaron finds himself
hiding at the small coffee shop for hours as he comes to terms with his
new life.

As Hope befriends a less arrogant Aaron, she chips
away at his thick armor and realizes that the two of them have quite a
bit in common?but will their friendship turn into a blessing for them
both, or will it be just another crash and burn that will destroy them?

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