The 12 Days of Christmas E-Book Giveaway – FINAL DAY

Welcome to Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas E-book Giveaway!

Thank you so much for following along since December 13th, when we started the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. We hope that you have enjoyed our author’s memories and thoughts and took a few moments to check out their books.

It is with great pleasure that we wish all of you a very Happy Holidays!!!

Below is a complete list of e-books that are included in the Giveaway! The Giveaway ends at midnight tonight and ONE lucky winner will be announced tomorrow here on our blog.

The winner will be contacted on December 25th and asked what format they wish to receive their books in for Kindle, Nook or E-Pub Reader. Files will be send directly to the winner from the authors.

Thank you again – Be safe – hug your loved ones – and allow your heart to dream!



For your last chances to enter – Please click this link!

Drawing ends at midnight and will be announced on December 25th. Winner will received on e-book copy of the above books directly from the authors in the format they choose, Nook, Kindle or E-Reader.