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Pleasure Your Fantasies Series: Book 1

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Reba St. James would prefer to serve the drinks or play hostess to the businessmen and their guests at Pleasure Your Fantasies, the gentlemen?s club where she?s employed. Unfortunately, when she needs extra money to pay off an urgent debt, the only position that pays her enough is dancing on stage with barely anything on.

Wallie has been a body guard at the club since it opened four years ago, and over the last year he?s developed quite a crush on Ms. Reba. He might have thought he had a chance with her, except the club has a strict rule: No dating between guards and dancers.

When the attraction between Wallie and Reba reaches undeniable levels, Reba is ready to walk away from dancing altogether and try to find another way to help pay the bills, but when a final notice shows up, she?s forced to go from part-time dancing to full-time, and any chance of a relationship between them is put on hold.

Everything changes on Christmas Eve when Reba and another dancer get into a fight, and Reba is let go from the club. Will Reba lose everything, or will Reba and Wallie get more for the holidays than just their Mistletoe Fantasies?

Coming Spring 2018 in the Series: Whispered Fantasies, book 2


The Pleasure Your Fantasies Series

With the Celebration Series ending, it was time to start working on a new series. Several months ago when I was writing, Raffles to Rattles, Book 8, of the Celebration Series, Sophia Thayer, one of the characters, took a part-time job at a Gentleman’s Club in Middletown, PA. called Pleasure Your Fantasies. She had a scene with the owner of the club, Quinn Monroe and I loved that scene and Quinn’s character so much that I knew right then and there that he was going to have his own series.

At this time, the series is comprised of six books. The first one, Mistletoe Fantasies will be a Novella to introduce the series and get you started. It will be releasing in November of 2017 and staring Wallie and Reba. You will get to know not only those two, but also Ty and Quinn a bit better as we start to dig into the series. The second book in the series is Whispered Fantasies and it will be staring Butch and Raquel. That one is set to release in February 2018 with the next four books coming out about 8 weeks apart. While the first book, Mistletoe Fantasies is a Novella (about 33K words), the other books will be full-length novels that not only deal with drama and spicy romance, but there will be quite a bit of suspense added to it.


Getting back in the Groove!

It?s been 9 months since I slipped in my kitchen, struck my head and saw stars. Before my concussion, I was writing every spare moment I had. My goals for 2015 were to publish 7 stories and have another 4-5 written for 2016. Well, I sure didn?t hit my goal ? that?s for sure!

You're Not AloneThankfully, I have a pretty awesome team of people who helped me to get out the three stories I had already written before the injury. They were a little late out of the gate, but they were at least published.

It wasn?t until early January that I forced myself to sit down and write more. My therapist?s encouraged me to push past the issues I was still dealing with and set a small daily goal. Not only was this to help my endurance levels, but to get my mind back into the focus of thinking in more depth.Detective's Badge and ID

This wasn?t just for my books; it was to help me get ready to go back to work, too. In police work, you write a lot of reports ? a lot of reports! The process of thinking in that kind of detail was daunting to me, and luckily with the help of my three therapists, has finally started to become easier. In a couple weeks, I will finally return to work part time and work myself up to full duty again.

In the meantime, I write daily still dealing with headaches and word recall issues, but it?s getting easier. I managed to write a 40,000 word novella in January that will be released in March, and finished another novella for the Celebration Series that I?d been in the process of writing when I sustained my concussion.

Now, I?m working on the third novella for the Celebration Series, and will hopefully move on to the fourth one by the end of the month. Once the fourth one is second-shield-II-FINALfinished, I?m hoping to dig back into Second Shield 2. By that time, I should have my higher cognitive processing closer to where it was. My hopes at this time is to have Second Shield 2 release late summer.

The last 9 months have been frustrating and very depressing, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It?s been a long haul that has had my focusing on a lot of different parts of my life. I?m so thankful that my injury wasn?t worse, and I know I will never be back to my old self. But I have accepted my new self, and I know that eventually, I?ll find my groove again.