Because it takes a Team to do it right!

Beta Reader Dodie & Stacy

Beta Reader Dodie & Stacy

Some people might tell you that being a writer is a solitary business, but I beg to differ.? First let’s start with all the voices in our heads. Trust me we are not alone up there.? Second, if you are like me, you want others to jump on the bandwagon with you and help you out.? You want people to be excited about what you are doing and to help you be the best that you can be.? In order to do that, I need people.

First I need my Beta Team – with any novel I write, I have at least 6 and as many as 12 that read through the story before it even sees an editor.

Cover Design by Natasha Brown

Second, I need my graphic artist. Now, I generally come up with the concept of my cover, but my artist, she does the tough stuff. She brings it to life!? I spend hours searching for the right photos to put on the covers of my novels.? I have to tell you that when I am working on the covers for, let’s say, My Blood Runs Blue series, it is so freaking hard staring at all those sexy men! Whew! Believe me, tough work!

Third, I need my editor. If it wasn’t for my editor, I would be up the creek without a paddle.? Of course, I have the general concept of the English language and I don’t even need to press one for that.? But it’s not just where the comma’s and period’s go, it’s where the best place to put that description should be.? In what order does this sentence make the most impact. Now that’s why I need an editor to help me with.

Then once that is all done – I need my proof-reader(s). They look for those last minute mistakes and inconsistencies.

Formatted by Rachella Ayala – Leg by Melissa Foster

When that is all done – it is time to be in contact with my formatter. She is the brains behind putting the html into the manuscript so you can view it on you kindle, nook or in the paperback. I might be smart, but I’m thinking I’m more street smart than book smart, and this just goes to prove it!

When that is all done and over. There is one last team that helps me, and that is you, the Reader. It’s you I write for, you I want to help try to find a place away from reality, if only for a few hours.

So as you read this, you realize that most authors are like me. Grant it there are some that do everything themselves and that is incredible! Me? I’d rather have a team behind me that can support me and be there for me and in return… I can be there for them, too.